Monday, December 10, 2018

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For the student heading for the halls of knowledge.Or,the local pub. Transitory step in liquid form after a hard day's study discussing why Social Media scrum is so darn important to ACQUIRE. Finger flexing good feel. Don't leave home without your digits.

ACQUIRE: He was a young man possessed of a wonderful stretch of tonsil reverberation. As a result of A CHOIR he joined to learn to sing. A quiet lad at first, though bursting into song enabled him to shrug off his shyness ACQUIRED when he was told as a little inquiring tike- to shut up. His singing... Read More

INU- Tuesday at the National Press club in Washington, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) revealed the details of an underground top-secret site currently used by Iranian regime for research & development on nuclear field using advanced centrifuges for uranium enrichment.

The NCRI, is known for making reveals about some of the most significant dimensions of the Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons program.

Ms. Soona Samsami, the Representative of the NCRI in the US and Alireza Jafarzadeh, the Deputy Director of the NCRI US Representative Office made the revelation... Read More


You have to laugh. Well,you don't have to, alternatively you may be the prime suspect leader? of Australia. Prime target of a media blast rhetorical load of political claptrap the media dung beetles trawl over hoping for a new fresh pattie to engorge upon.

Feelers erect, uniform rhetoric word spin. Big words, earnest expressions. Our fearless Prime Mini Star stirs his faithless back stabbing troops. Divided they stand. Conversely,united they sprawl.The cameras on full boring alert as the audacious "can't make our minds up but when we do we... Read More


It was a beautiful planet, succulent in the beginning, like an over ripe peach impeaching people to feel, suck it and see the potential.

Some people though, that didn't really belong anywhere or more importantly, couldn't afford in forethought the luxuries future city dwellers were to become accustomed to, thought Bland sucked. Indeed, they would mutter a brief prayer for the few stranded inhabitants, for the new dwellers, as they walked that imperceptible increment of walk only apprehensive feet could provide the extra motivation to rid them of that fear... Read More


Before i bitch, let me just say, I think, now and then, and that in turn leads sometimes to a headache, hot flushes? Men DO go through a change of life, sometimes wife, and the need to face the political truth! Sorry to use 'truth' and 'political' in the same mouthful of verbatim.

Truth is,do our political leaders, without discussion, (foes know the lie of the land automatically without prompt?) lie through their spin doctor's gums? Pre arranged dialogue from the spinning whirling dervishes of word, the 'spin' of chorus, which in turn is distributed,... Read More


Strange contradictory world we live in. 'Crass' seems to be society's axle everything revolves around pertaining to an out of round weird thought process that assimilates degrees of tragedy comparison to justify death itself...not to grieve or feel too bad about people dying, just to use 'alternative death charts' as indicators.

Lady on ABC interviewing CEO link coordinator to the various mines operated in Africa by Australian companies, etc, most i would hazard a guess do rather well, incrementally, small or large.

"...and in lieu of the devastation... Read More

Politicians, in general are despised all around the world. They are looked upon as unwanted individuals who have no sense of governance or conscious and are busy doing things for their own selfish needs.

Politics is regarded as such a dirty profession that the word ‘Politician’ is often used as a cuss word. But if one looks closely; politics is everywhere and all individuals indulge in politics in way or another. Many of us, knowingly or unknowingly act like politicians; devising schemes to gain power whether in the work place, household, clubs or societies.

Similar to politicians,... Read More

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