Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Some people will go to the polls and vote a straight party ticket. I like variety, and knowing that although my Presidential Vote, is subject to the electoral college, my Vice Presidential Vote is based on majority rule whether Democrat or Republican. If I am not satisfied with Palin or Biden, I can write in someone elses name on my ballot. The Democratic versus Republican race wears on me after a while because neither party represents the needs of myself, my family or the needs of the 'average citizen.' They are simply two parties, of the same greedy coin fighting over Corporate funds and... Read More

Don't let your liberal friends shame you into voting for Obama by painting you as a racist if you don't. We would probably have already had a black ex-president had George HW not blown his very first executive decision with the selection of Quale for his VP. Had he picked Colin Powell instead, he could have served two terms, and no doubt Powell would have been elected for two more.

We would have been spared the embarrassment of the Clintons, George W would be running for his second term and the democrats would have choosen a real leader, instead of a media created caricature... Read More

This just in: Barbra Streisand, beloved star of stage, screen, and song was found dead at her Malibu home early Friday morning. L.A. County Sheriffs Investigators say it was a scene of unprecedented carnage and bloodshed. Detective Buddy Williams of the Freak Accident Division was horrified by what he found. At a three o’clock news conference Downtown Los Angeles today, an obviously shaken Williams was quoted as saying: “I’ve been investigating Freak Accidents for twenty five years but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw.” Detective Buddy goes on to say, “From... Read More

The American Taxpayer - Sold Out Again

As I stated last week, we need a rescue plan for our financial system that will do the job and make sense for all Americans. One would think, with all the smart people working on the problem and all the gridlock that needs to be overcome that a decent plan would result. Well, based on what I just read about the Senate plan we, the American taxpayer, are being sold down the river once again by Senators who are "buying" the votes of their colleagues with tax breaks and other sweeteners for the right and left. In other words, how much of... Read More

 " The American people are not getting the full story about the role and scope of military contractors in Iraq. Under current law, Congress can’t even get a straight answer from the Pentagon about how many contractors are operating inside of Iraq, and yet the American taxpayer is expected to foot the bill. According to some estimates, there are as many as a 100,000 military contractors operating inside Iraq. Forty cents of every Dollar goes to private military contractors, 1001 were killed in Iraq but we don't really know because their numbers aren't counted. "  Illionis state Represenative... Read More

Have we not learned anything from the S&L debacle 20 years ago in which taxpayers had to assume all the bad debt through the Resolution Trust Corp? Instead of the FDIC playing the role of enabler by guaranteeing deposits and encouraging growth in the commercial and industrial development markets of the 1980’s, we had banks lending far more money against U.S. residential property than historical norms and prudence required.

This proposed solution is the most expensive bailout in the nation’s history, completely curtailing the ability of the next president to... Read More

If you've ever wondered what crazy looks like then you're in for a real treat. Extreme far left zealot Naomi Wolf has written the most insane and delusional column ever written for The Huffington Post -- or pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

Wolf actually believes that Sarah Palin is part of a grand conspiracy to take over the U.S. government and turn America into a 'police state'. She thinks McCain only has 2-4 years left and he's only meant to be the 'figure head' until he croaks and Palin takes over. She cites 'reputable dermatologists' as her source for McCain's impending... Read More

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I believe that someday all military operations will be reduced and we will be able to make agreements using international negotiations. War never changes things to better, never!