Friday, July 20, 2018

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Against all odds, I finally believe it: Iraq is now safer than the United States. And no, it’s not post-election euphoria clouding my mind. No, after six years of watching an endless news stream of insurgent and poorly directed violence result in seemingly endless American casualties – I finally get a news item so purely devoid of spin that I’ve no choice to believe it and draw the conclusion above. In case you missed it, at a joint news conference in Iraq, where President Bush (alongside Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki) was talking about the... Read More

As rain came down and dark skies dampened spirits at Cancer Research UK’s first Relay for Life event at the Donald Dewar Centre in West Glasgow, Scotland- out of a bus came the Pacifica Relay for Life team One World, One Cure, with bright purple American Cancer Society jackets and hats that read “Cancer Warrior.” To celebrate life and fight for a cure in our lifetime in such conditions truly is the definition of a Cancer Warrior, and One World, One Cure made lasting friendships and had moving, life changing experiences throughout their travels. Team leaders Mary Ellen Forrest... Read More

Standing on Hollywood Blvd, dressed up in a cocktail dress axiously awaiting what was in store across the street at the Kodak Theatre, one had to think, what am I doing here.

Along with a group of girls, some who came together, and a few like me who came by themselves, we were there for a main purpose. Of course other than trying to earn money for the holiday. Just kidding folks! Seat Fillers... a person who fills in the empty seats so that the audience at home does not see empty seats. Of course it didn't hurt we were seeing Anderson Cooper, whom I think is handsome in a distinugished... Read More

Lima, Peru) - KEVIN RUDD, Australia’s Prime Minister, addressed a summit in Peru this afternoon calling for a “co-ordinated international action” to keep the world from falling further into economic crisis. He warned that a significant slowdown in the world's poorer countries next year could push an extra 60 million people worldwide into poverty. The Prime Minister addressed business leaders who included senior executives from General Motors, Microsoft and Chinalco, as well as world leaders. The summit was for the 21 member countries of APEC

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The same week the United States made history, when millions of people turned out in mass numbers to flip the Republican switch to Democratic and elect Obama, it seemed for a moment as though our country took ten steps forward for equality. Yet at the same time the United States took three steps back as the GLBT community lost the marriage ballot and adoption rights in California, Florida and Arizona.

In the year 2000, California voters passed Proposition 22 which prevented the state from recognizing gay marriage by a margin of 61.4% to 38.6%. Eight years later on Election day fully... Read More

By Lyn

Revenons sur la journée du 4 Novembre 2008 : la fameuse élection présidentielle des Etats-Unis. Comment ne pas être passé outre à cet événement désormais intégré dans l’Histoire ? Le 44ème président et pour la première fois : Afro-Américain fut élu et accède à la Maison Blanche. Bien que les résultats furent prévisibles pour une majorité pour Barack Obama, toute l’Amérique et ainsi que toutes les nations du monde entier restèrent... Read More

Christians believe in the Bible. America, whether you like it or not, was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. But there is something non-Christians need to know about the Bible before you start using it to contradict that for which we stand.

The Bible is an all or nothing proposition.

Either you believe everything that is in it, or you believe none of it. You have to take all of it. You cannot pick and choose parts of the Bible to guide your life and then leave the rest alone. And that decision has some very, very serious consequences.

Anti-Christians love to carry... Read More

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