Saturday, July 21, 2018

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By Amo

Within just two weeks into his administration President Obama’s massive “stimulus package” is loosing steam among the people that truly count…the American tax payer. Support for this massive spending bill currently working its way through congress went from a 45% favorable rating, to an astounding reversal of 37%.

The Rasmussen Report, one of the nations most respected polling organizations, has just released its latest national telephone survey and found 37% favor this massive spending package, while 43% are opposed, and 20% are not sure. In laymen’s... Read More

President Obama is not going to clean our house, do our homework, or save our planet. We have to take responsiblility for our own actions and behaviors. There ain't no BAIL OUT PLAN for mother earth. She is all that we have, one earth, one planet. Take care of her or lose her. If we like this planet and wish to remain on it, or plan to leave it for our children. Then we better take care of it. If you collect antiques, you know the well taken care of ones are more valuable, same as this planet, take care of her and her value will continue for eons more.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,... Read More

Tough times require radical thinking. Companies that are proactive are going to thrive while the rest of the pack will go down in history as “that car maker that dies in the Great Recession of ’09.” The Big 3 could learn a little from Hyundai with their newest marketing strategy. Not only are they getting favorable press for this move, but they’re also going to sell a lot more cars.

The bottom line is: If you buy or lease a Hyundai and then lose your job or can’t make the payments for whatever reason, simply return it Can't make the payments on that new... Read More

On January 20, 1981 a new era in politics was sworn in. Although Ronald Reagan would not be America’s first “cowboy president”, he would turn out to be America’s most influential president in decades; leaving behind a dark legacy upon the world that would last nearly thirty years.

“I am told that tens of thousands of prayer meetings are being held on this day…” Reagan said during his Inauguration speech. “For that I am deeply grateful. We are a nation under God, and I believe God intended for us to be free. It would be fitting and good,... Read More

By Amo

He enjoys an overwhelming media bias, and little opposition from a fractured and shell shocked Republican Party, success or failure is literally within his own hands, and though the honeymoon will last considerably longer then most, he must still at some point begin to “govern”.

The mainstream media for its part, has all but abandoned its traditional adversarial roll, and at times reminds me more of what one sees coming out of the Kremlin. Sadly the media has been a willing accomplice, in promoting the Obama myth, and I suspect they’ll give him the benefit-of-doubt,... Read More

A spark was generated on November the 4th of last year and an electricity has been pulsing through this country ever since, finally reaching its climax at the presidential inauguration one week ago. The nation has become invigorated, excited, ready for the future. Most any person would tell you they can feel a shift in the mood and attitude of America, but I bet they couldn’t tell you why.

Because there really is no concrete reason why. What has been done to change our situation? Where was the spike in the stock market? What major policies have been enacted? Where... Read More

The unemployment rate is at an all time high since 1982, so what could possibly be the positive side of so much economic chaos? Today I coached a man named Mike, he is a single father raising two children alone in the United States, separated from his wife who is still living abroad with their youngest son. Due to financial hardship, he cannot afford to go to see his wife and son or bring them home to him. Just a few years ago, Mike had a successful construction business in Myrtle Beach. He is well known for building beautiful custom homes, decks, marinas and remodeling home interiors. However... Read More

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