Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Who Watches the Watchmen? The Board of Supervisors has decided to audit DCFS!

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

Quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Who watches the Watchmen? The Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal not Alan Moore although the 'Watchmen,' was a cool comic when it first came out.

So here is my advice should the Board of Supervisors go this route.

Audit the auditors.

You know, the guys who go around and superficially talk to foster parents and kids to make sure everything be okay.

The young folks who come to the agencies... Read More

Through a HuffPo headline, I recently came across an article at McClatchy news titled "Obama seeks to expand arms exports by trimming approval process". A disturbing thought. I read the article in full, already preparing my comment in my head. I was going to write something about the fabled War Machine, merchants of death, Obama equaling Bush, et cetera.

However, as I read on, I discovered the foulest piece of non-journalism I've read in a while. Then I went to read the comments that my fellow HuffPo users had written. They were of the most awful, reactionary, apocalyptic sort,... Read More

African Union (AU) leaders have agreed to strenghten the AU peace keeping force in Somalia. The aim of this suppor is to tackle Al Shabab militants who are developing terrorism in this part of Africa. During a summit that was organized in Uganda, these leaders approved a request to send an additional number of 2000 peacekeepers to Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. Regulations of engagement must be altered in order to allow the troops to fire first in case they affront an imminent attack from the terrorists.

In fact, the Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had wanted a tougher... Read More

It's 26 years after the fictional worldwide nightmare scenario in the novel “1984” and one key question remains: Did it depict a right-wing or left-wing tyranny? This is important to know because as we appear to be creeping towards such a future we should prepare our kids and their kids for this brave new world...a possible world politicians never mention.

Sure, you could ask any number of people this question and the liberals would claim it was a right wing fascist dictatorship, while the conservatives would say it was rule by central government liberalism gone wild. Both views would... Read More

Where is Abby Sunderland? Five months ago, this precocious young girl of 16 left her home port in Southern California to attempt a nonstop solo circumnavigation and beat all records. Now she is lost at sea.

Reports have surfaced that the last contact with Abby occurred yesterday about an hour after her communication with her family. Her position was deep in the frigid and rolling southern Indian Ocean and about 2,000 miles from land. There are fears that she is in trouble.

The emergency beacons on Abby’s custom built boat “Wild Eyes” activated and communication with her was lost.... Read More


There is no clear and unambiguous answer to that question. Defining crime is simply not easy for it usually raises more questions than answers. Social Scientists say that it is a socially constructed act. However, there are at two important definitions which we should consider — the legal and the normative definitions — since they are the most important differences in the meaning of what crime is.

The legal definition says that “crimes are acts which break or contravene the letter of the law”, while the normative definition says that “crimes are acts which break... Read More

The Congolese media is a body comprising radio broadcasts, Tv shows and newspapers. There are more than 200 different newspapers, 52 private television networks and some 250 private and community radio broadcasters. In addition to this, State radios and televisions are disseminated throughout the country in each province. A big question is whether they really responsible of what they write and broadcast?

In a detailed study of the state of the Congolese media commissioned by the South African Institute for the Advancement of Journalism in late 2004, Mr Claude Kabemba observed that despite... Read More

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