Sunday, July 22, 2018

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For more than 40 years social scientist investigating the causes of poverty have tended to treat cultural explanation like lord voldemort: that which most not be name. The reticence was a legacy of the ugly battles that erupted after Daniel Patrick Moynihan introduce the idea of a culture of poverty to the public in a startling 1965 report. The term culture in this case is define as: the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize an institution organization or group. His description of the Urban black family as caught in an inescapable tangle of pathology of unmarried... Read More

People always hear about terrorism; they would like to know how it started and the way it developed. This article is going to brief the origins of terrorism.

The very first existence of terrorism was heard between the 1st Century BCE and the -13th Century. From there, it spread in the Pre-Modern World.

Actually, this means that the history of terrorism is as old as humans' willingness to use violence to settle conflicts with neighbours and this has spread until it became used in politics as to hinder and intimidate people’s opinions for development. In this view, the Sicarii were... Read More

Say what you like about Helen Thomas but don't lose sight of what she gave women across the country and Americans as a whole, as far as representing us during every Presidential press conference. She never stopped asking the tough questions. Never. It was 1970, a time when men worked and the majority of women stayed at home. But you would have never known it following Helen Thomas. In fact, I'm pretty sure she didn't get that memo or wire, in those days. Following the death of my father, then Dean of the White House Press Corps, Merriman Smith, Helen Thomas stepped in as Dean of the White House... Read More

Well it no news that the communism has collapsed, and communist Leaders are fleecing six figure honoraria fees, for speeches devoted to the ridiculous idea that we did not win the cold war,it's time we reidentify today's biggest threat to the american way of life.. it's definitely what Limbaugh called the socialist utopian. Despite what it sounds like, they are not a rock group from MTV or a new age religious cult from Southern Boston. They are a great many people who belong to this or that activist group. there is a common bond which spiritually unite these people, which is that attitude of... Read More

WaterAid America is a company that is working to help bring about world awareness when it comes to illness and the lack of clean drinking water that many people in our world face. Did you know, that 4,000 children die each day due to illnesses they get from drinking unclean water. The goal of WaterAid is to eradicate this problem and they are working with megree to bring about global awareness of this problem.

They are asking people to make a donation and to blog about this cause. WaterAid is currently lobbying the UN to make water a human right and I believe that they are right.

... Read More

A recent poll conducted by The Pew Forum reveals that 18% of Americans believe that President Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim. Imagine that.The poll also shows that only 34% say that Obama is a Christian. Personally, I fall in with the 43% of Americans who do not know what religion the President follows.This poll was conducted prior to Obama's recent statements regarding the Ground Zero Mosque and it would be interesting to see if those percentages have changed.Joshua DuBois, who Time magazine once called "Obama's pastor-in- Chief", is a bit surprised by the poll numbers. According to... Read More

This is so wrong on oh, so many levels; it's difficult to know just where to begin.In India, home of 1.2 billion souls, in vitro fertilization clinics are now the latest craze, particularly for women 60 years old and older.India does not, apparently, place many - if any - restrictions on it's 550 registered in vitro fertilization clinics; it seems like anything goes. According to a Washington Post article, in the National Fertility Center in Hisar,Haryana India only 60% of the women impregnated at the clinic carried their pregnancies to full term.The article goes on to say that the clients... Read More

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