Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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This day of July9, 2011 will remain written in a solid stone for South Sudanese. This is the day South Sudan proclaimed its independence from Sudan. By becoming the 54th African state, it marked this special day by a series of glorious celebrations. The very first president of South Sudan Mr Salva Kiir was sworn in front of several African and foreign political leaders, more than thirty, including neighbors of South Sudan such as the President of Sudan and the UN General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki-moon .

The celebrations were taking place in a region that is considered as being in tones of... Read More

It’s a year now since I wrote in a mood on some anger about the proposed fate of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the Iranian woman condemned to death by stoning on a charge of adultery

The outcry this medievalism caused across the world was the occasion of considerable embarrassment for the Iranian regime, leading to a temporary stay of execution. But she is still in prison, still facing an uncertain future. As I said last August, the fact that she was already been subject to ninety-nine lashes, and had already been in prison for five... Read More

Change happens, even sometimes if only by imperceptible degrees. Further to my recent article on women drivers in Saudi Arabia (Drive of the Women) I can report that there have still been no official repercussions, with more and more women joining the nascent protest against the driving ban.

Although ruled by a considerably more reactionary and obscurantist clique than those governing either Tunisia or Egypt, where the disturbances in the Arab world began, Saudi Arabia has the advantage of a far smaller population. It’s also a rich country, rich in oil, one where the authorities have... Read More

I was opposed to the Libyan adventure from the outset, yet another act of shallow moral imperialism based on no coherent reasoning, based on no understanding of the likely outcomes. In March, just before the air attacks began I wrote article on my personal blog, a piece I called Keep out of Libya! Here is part of what I said;

“How much of this kind of self-righteous interventionism can the world take, I have to ask? How many more pyrrhic ‘successes’ must we celebrate; how many more Kosovos, Afghanistans and Iraqs? But there is more here, a more pertinent question: what business is it... Read More

I take this as truth and not irony-the road to hell is paved with good intentions....I would however amend it to include:As it is with those who are intoxicated with their own noble deeds.Anthony Weiner was run from office by a self-deluding mob as well as his own reckless actions.That Weiner is guilty of nothing more than being unable to decide if he wants the life of a married man or that of a single man is the real offense here and at that,it is his wife's upon which to pass judgement.A reporter named Christopher who writes for Mediaiate wrote a story two weeks ago that suggested that Weiner... Read More

Every morning, Analisa, a petite two year old girl, the daughter of my best friend Jewels, would push open the door to my room, sneak in, climb onto and over an upholstered rocking chair to get onto my bed. Her goal was to cover me and my blanket with as many of her brother's orange, green and yellow dinosaurs as possible. If turning me into a human version of dinosaur mountain did not wake me up, Analisa would crawl closer to my head, put her tiny little hand on my face and say "wake up," in the sweetest, softest little voice. Some mornings she would even sing, " Twinkle, twinkle, little star,"... Read More

I imagine just about all of the people who read BrooWaha believe in free speech and a free press, just as they believe in the right of individuals to protect their privacy. But what happens when the two things come into conflict, when the public’s right to know stands against an individual’s desire to prevent it from knowing? Well, in England if you are rich enough, famous enough and influential enough you can apply to the courts for something called a ‘super-injunction.’

Perhaps some of you who are not English have heard of these infamous legal devices? If so it’s likely to be as a... Read More

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