Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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I usually don’t write about politics. Along with religion, it’s one of the most debated subjects we have as a people. No matter if you’re a democrat or republican, we all have our viewpoints. But, given the political year we’re all about to engage in, I felt it time to express my position of where I see America, as it currently stands. I realize many won’t agree here, but holding back hasn’t ever been my strongest trait.

America has become an extremely divided nation, and angrier. It’s now rich vs. poor, liberal vs. conservative, democrat railing against republican, black more hostile... Read More

“The authorities are trying to respond but are running out of time. There is a danger of a revolution because in the conditions of a political desert there are no parties or politicians to channel this colossal social energy into a constructive solution”.

Nicolai Petrov, Moscow Carnegie Institute, December 2011 – Comment on the popular reaction to the official results of the Duma election.

“Revolution” is no idle word in Russia. Mr. Petrov, for his part, has worked at the highest levels of Russian government and media since the final years of the Soviet Union. Having lived through... Read More

"Government is instituted for the common good, not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men"-- Samuel Adams; to the Legislature of Massachusetts (Jan. 17, 1794)

In my article titled 'The Snake Oil Peddlers' I naively asked what could be more hypocritical than co-sponsoring legislation and then flip-flopping to decide that the same thing co-sponsored was unconstitutional. Little did I realize that the answer to that retorical question was close at hand. In 2008, the Republican Party Platform included in its plank on property rights:

"At... Read More

By Amo

As a kid growing up in the Bronx, that term was an affirmation for every immigrant that settled within that tiny enclave, called “Little Italy”.

And like most of my generation of Italian American’s I learned to bridge quickly those two competing worlds, American by birth…Italian by heritage. And yet within those two very different and unique worlds, there was a common thread that bound us collectively together…the desire to be American and to access the “American Dream”.

And like most immigrants that found their way to the “new world” my dad’s story is a common one…and a testament... Read More

Freedom of speech is one of our most protected rights as American citizens. However, it pains me to see how mere accusations can ruin another persons reputation, either professionally or personally, destroying a lifetime of work and effort in the blink of an eye. If the recent charges against Herman Cain are proven true, then he should suffer the consequences. If not, it will go down as one of the worst character assassinations in recent memory. Unfortunately, much damage has already been done regardless of the outcome, and many good people will be paying the price.

In our ultra-techno... Read More

Do we follow Hobbes or Locke?

Do we feel that, in return for protection from the egoistical urges of others, we have formed a commonwealth and given up the right to overthrow its rulers, or do we feel that we made a social contract, with obligations on both sides?Our rulers clearly think we have a commonwealth...where we, the commons, supply their wealth...and in some parts of the world they allow us to elect figureheads from among their ranks. They call it democracy.If we don't like what we get, well, that's the bargain we made in return for the security of property and freedom from... Read More

M.J. Rosenberg wrote in Al Jazeera what he calls "the UNESCO mess." Rosenberg claims that the United States is committed to carry out Israeli' wishes whether it is in U.S. national interests or not. Rosenberg uses the term Israeli wishes and not interests since he believes that it is not really a matter of Israeli interests being hurt by the Palestinian move. Rosenberg fails to recognize the interests of those in the world whose lives will immediately be affected by the decision the Palestinians to seek admission into UNESCO and the fact that it undermines efforts being made to achieve peace.

... Read More

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