Saturday, October 20, 2018

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The belated allegations of Coup attempts by Indian Army in the second week of January this year to overthrow the democratically elected government of Dr.Manmohan Singh, as reported in a section of mainstream media, eventhough was able to create flutters among the nation, it is absolutely baseless and misunderstood news aired to create some senstation. The Indian Army’s unusual Ground Battle Maunevours and mission rehearsal exercises to create a realistic exigency enviornment for two Indian Army troop Brigades, to sustain and improve their advanced tactical engagement skills in case of emergencies... Read More

By Amo

An unpresented majority of Americans after one year of this bills passing, still believe that ObamaCare, if implemented, will cost jobs, hurt the economy, and cost more than projected.

However, aside from this being a flawed piece of legislation, to many Americans (myself included), ObamaCare is simply unconstitutional. The issue currently in the hands of the Supreme Court, is whether the federal government under the Commerce Clause can mandate and or force either the states or individual citizens into purchasing a product and or a service; they may or may not want.

At stake is... Read More

The Statement of U.S. Pacific Command Chief Admiral Willard’s statement in the first week of March before the House Armed Service Committee in response to the Republican Joe Wilson’s question on U.S. commitments to contain Lashkar-E-Taiba activities in the South Asia, that U.S. PACOM Special Forces are deployed in India besides in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal had created a Left wing furore in the Indian Parliament and the subsequent denial of the same by the Indian Ministry of Defense and Externala Affiars as it is a factually incorrect information, did not pacify the suspicions... Read More

Eversince the Indian Army Chief Mr.V.K.Singh had approached the Apex Court on his Date of Birth issue against the government; he has become a centre of attraction for media, for having been in the sensitive position in India. Thereafter, after a considerable period of time elapsed, he had made a controversial statement that 14 crores of rupees bribe was offered to him by a former Lieutenant General Tejender Singh for purchasing sub-standard Army Trucks to the Army. Next lekage of Army Chief’s highly-cofidential letter to the Prime Minister of India and RM, on the draw backs of Indian Defense... Read More

Democracy, Rule of Law, Human Rights, Media freedom, judicial reforms, all seems to be getting outdated issues day by day as no substantial reforms or achievements are seen in any of these fields since long time, except hearing these words like parrot-cries. And simply by hooting on those issues from time to time in one or the other plotforms of the media or in acadamic seminares by media tycoons, by social reformists, Judges, bureaucrats and Law makers, just we are making a show off to the innocent public through electronic and print media and projecting ourselves as sincere and honest intellectual... Read More

Human nature dictates we all love getting something for nothing. No matter if it’s hitting the sweepstakes jackpot, being picked for a job you really weren’t qualified for, scoring a free tank of gas with your next fill up at the local 7-Eleven, or a winning hand in Vegas, it’s in our genes from the moment we’re born till the day we die. But realistically, part of being a responsible adult knows what crosses the line between getting something for nothing, morally and legally, or the same abusively, therefore making others pay simply because a structure’s in place allowing some to walk through... Read More

So there I was, filling up my car, watching the digital numbers flying at warp speed inside the glass on the gas pump, and then cringing at the grand total when the trigger on the handle finally clicked. It wasn’t a good feeling; it made me angry, and caused me to become even angrier knowing that it didn’t have to be this way if only the folks in Washington would learn to do what’s best for the American people.

Look around. Most likely you’re sitting inside somewhere, taking a break from your everyday life, and giving me some much appreciated attention. The energy it’s taking to power... Read More

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