Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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The idea and thought of Gay Marriage is not only unnatural, abnormal but anti-divine. The divine nature created two genders among all living beings that are among humans, animals, birds, flora and fauna. If Adam and Eve were not there in the beginning, we are not there. Had divine nature created either only two Adams or only two Eves, we would not have been here existing. If two quite opposite genders were not created i.e. female and male this many animals, birds ocean beings and human population would not have existied, similarly this much of flora and fauna would not have been spread and... Read More

NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Centre) issue in India has once again racked up in some sensitive issues between Centre and States and refreshed some State Units’ apprehensions on Federal government’s domination over them with the creation of NCTC at Central level with no role to play for State Units. So in recent times whenever the Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh raised the issue of NCTC some State Political Heads have been objecting the Centralised NCTC and raising hue and cry that it is against the Federal Polity of the nation. This is all because several Regional and National... Read More

“Criticism is a bitter medicine. But the diseases that are plagueing our world make it necessary, to avoid decay. An honest and open talk should always be welcomed. Self-criticism and critical review of our past experiences, our performances, our way of life, is a sign of strength, not a weakness, for the betterment of our lives and future generations” said Mikhail Gorbachev the last President of USSR, who ended cold-war and pushed the WWIII further into future. So, keeping our congenial ideological antagonism and thoughts aside, the way he paved for the closed societies towards “openness”... Read More

The Joint-Military exercises conducted by the Nations often in the sea, land or air in the guise of battle training maneauvers or as part of enhancing their war-alert capabilities, is now understood, in fact not meant for that purposes but for the purpose of disposing off the shot gun ammunition, old artillery, mortar cartridges, shells, bombs, small missiles and some other unserviceable small arms and also to keep some of their armoury, defense vehicles, aircraft and battle ships in running condition, to avoid getting rust if kept unused for long time. But the primary intention is the former... Read More

Look at this beautiful picture. Scan it hard. What do you see? The Space Shuttle Discovery being piggybacked to its final resting place inside the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. You’re also flanked by the Capital Building, a symbol of American pride and strength showing the world that America is a land to be admired and revered. But, as I look, I see images of a country that isn’t looking to the future as a land of innovation, discovery, ingenuity, and aggressive growth. Instead, it’s pointing backwards, diving towards governmental control and socialistic programs. My point: We must... Read More

By Amo

However science cannot (as yet), control the dramatic events of opposing weather extremes and can only bare witness to the devastation that these events produce

However, in the rough and tumble world of politics diametrically opposed ideologies can effortlessly merge into one, as outlined in a recent speech by President Obama. In which he draws a comparison between himself and President Reagan. In a 30 second snippet President Reagan is seen outlining his vision for tax reform. In which he references the discrepancies within the overall tax system, and draws an analogy between a working... Read More

As we head into General Election campaign mode with Mitt Romney driving toward becoming the Republican nominee, something which is unsurprisingly hitting the headlines fast and furious is discussions over his religious beliefs. Here’s my question: Should they really matter?

Mitt Romney is a Mormon. And in our land of religious freedom, he’s certainly entitled to his beliefs. I am a Christian, and what Mr. Romney believes is somewhat different than me. Truthfully, I don’t fully understand the teachings of the Mormon Church. But, that’s okay, because come November I won’t be casting my... Read More

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