Sunday, January 21, 2018

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We have all seen the news stories of horrific shootings in schools that take the lives of so many innocents. We are inundated with video from the scenes of mass murder perpetrated by those who have become judge, jury and executioner at former places of employment. Insane people randomly firing into crowds attract the attention of the media like moths to a flame, and the shooting of an unarmed teenager in Florida becomes the story that is played over and over again, as though it was the only incident of import that had happened during the news cycle.

None of us can begin to fathom the... Read More

With one click of a computer’s mouse, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg became one of the richest people in the world, if not in history when the company he founded became public last week. And as most know, Facebook was created among the confines of a Harvard dorm room utilizing nothing more but an ingenious idea, entrepreneurial drive to succeed, and discovery of a golden niche revealing the thirsty desire people have to connect and share their lives with others. The young Grandfather of social media is definitely the wonder boy of new-age business, probably carrying both the admiration and... Read More

Attempting to deliver a final crushing blow to government help for the poor, the 2012 Republican Party voted in favor of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's Budget plan. Touting it as the most efficient way to bring down the deficit, these followers of fiction writer Ayn Rand would have the nation believe that cutting off all help for those with the least, and giving that money to the richest fat cats in the country, will somehow deliver us from the depression that was started by these very same hucksters.

Propaganda channels like Fox News tell their listeners that this is the most courageous... Read More

With the 2012 primary season all said and done save for the nominations at both the Republican and Democratic conventions, we in the U.S. are now faced with having to choose between President Barak Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the highest office in the land. So much is at stake in this election, that a careful review of both men, and what they stand for, should be considered by all voters with the utmost gravity. Starting with Romney, let's have a look at the record, their past history, and where they will most likely lead us.

The Apple That Fell Far From The... Read More

In foreign policy issues the Indian position has been very delicate since one decade, like traditional married woman being grilled by in-laws from oneside and parents on the otherside. For India, America is like a recently married husband and Russia is like a Father. For past five decades, Russia stood by India in security and other foreign policy aspects, and has deterred the regional super power China or neighbouring Pakistan towards making any large scale misadventurous steps towards India combinedly, for several decades. In a word Russia has been protecting the India like father protecting... Read More

When I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Dallas, one of the first moments I ever remember the topic of homosexuality coming up was during an episode of M*A*S*H*, that mega-popular sitcom starring Alan Alda and many other upcoming stars. The scene displayed a soldier afraid of going back to his military unit for fear of ridicule from his fellow officers, conveying his fears to the sympathetic ears of Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John M.D. Liberalism was starting to come into the fold among television land back then (another example: Archie Bunker), so the writers made sure the character of... Read More

The idea and thought of Gay Marriage is not only unnatural, abnormal but anti-divine. The divine nature created two genders among all living beings that are among humans, animals, birds, flora and fauna. If Adam and Eve were not there in the beginning, we are not there. Had divine nature created either only two Adams or only two Eves, we would not have been here existing. If two quite opposite genders were not created i.e. female and male this many animals, birds ocean beings and human population would not have existied, similarly this much of flora and fauna would not have been spread and... Read More

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