Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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On Saturday, February 27, 2016, on the eve of the International Women’s Day, a grand gathering entitled, “Pledge for Parity: Women United against Fundamentalism” was held in the presence of the Iranian Resistance's President-elect Maryam Rajavi and a number of political dignitaries, intellectuals, prominent personalities, and activists of the equality movement from 26 countries and four continents in Paris Grande Arche of La Defense.

Mrs. Rajavi addressed the Iranian regime’s sham elections saying that what was held yesterday was not an election of people's representatives. It was a... Read More

In fact, many Panamanians have friends who remained in Panama due to work or love. It is common to encounter a Chinese owner of a convenience store, or a merchant with a foreign accent in a shopping mall. The above-mentioned situations are but a few examples of the great diversity of cultures in Panama.

However, despite the fact that Panama has a long-standing tradition of welcoming foreigners from all over the world, it has developed labour laws designed to protect Panamanians’ jobs. The labour laws in Panama limit the percentage of foreigners that can work for a company. Several professional... Read More

The art of tactics is the combination of movement and fire. Some cities will take months to take, and then give way to hundreds of miles of free terrain. This implies that the military have to deal with two main different situations, with two sets of troops, vehicles and equipment.

The 2003 allied offensive in Iraq shed clear light on the dual nature of military operations. While being no match for the joint forces of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland, Iraqi forces did put up a fight and give the coalition a run for their money. Their forces were concentrated... Read More

Planning well in advance can cast a huge difference in the outcome of a fire. By understanding the occupancy, layout and the construction in advance, the decision-making procedure of the fire department officials become streamlined and significantly more effective. A fire department official summarizes it perfectly. “Operational success is greatly enhanced by information gathered ahead of an incident.”

Usually, the fire department develops pre-fire plans for the bigger commercial buildings in a given area but the quality of such plans can vary significantly. Often with the smaller departments,... Read More

South is to North Presidents change, the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights remains, foreign banks, enemies to the Patriots speak violence it is just a piece of paper conform in silence, which is like saying a;

Bible is just a Book Torah is just a Text Koran is just a Lesson

Truth is timeless, Human Rights resonate in the soul of the children of Abraham.

Divinely inspired documents are recognized, recorded and remembered.

Soldiers feet march in Texas at midnight July 13, 2015 Operation Jade Helm 15 a military coup training will cover 7 states; New Mexico,... Read More

Now people mention syphilis, mostly with a fear of psychology.However,syphilis is one of disease of STD testing singapore .People all know the mode of transmission of syphilis is varied. The disease is very big.If people early syphilis were not found, or delay, after the result will be a whole body many organ lesions.So introduce common care measures of syphilis to you.

Syphilis patients should pay attention to some details in life, to avoid the disease to others.Especially early syphilis, have stronger infectivity.Such... Read More


I was lying in bed last night thinking. The 'promised land.'

The promised land? Can anyone living there under that pretense as i type...fill in the blanks?

You good honest trustworthy non cheating faithful to your faith "do unto others before they have a chance to do you!" people. Both of you and more importantly the world, are our front pages of media rot (sic) headlines the precursor to what we have become, or more importantly, should we even succumb, to the daily trash of despotism gone a muck 'cept the birth of a royal baby to enlighten heighten... Read More

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