Saturday, February 24, 2018

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At the end of the G20 summit last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a press conference that he was « happy » with the accomplishments made by the 20 leaders, mainly with the new international financial system regulation, which « goes even beyond what we could have imagined. I have never seen anything like that! », he added.

But two worlds (or should we say two visions of the same world) opposed each other before and during the G20. Nicolas Sarkozy’s (little nervous Frenchman, slightly isolated in the world, but with an idol: Napoleon…) and Barack Obama’s (coupled with British... Read More

A l’issue du G20 de Londres, le Président Nicolas Sarkozy s’est déclaré «heureux» des résultats accomplis, en matière de régulation du système financier international, qui vont «au-delà de ce que nous pouvions imaginer». «C’est du jamais vu!» a-t-il même répété en conférence de presse.

Il faut dire que deux mondes (ou deux visions du monde) s’affrontaient lors du sommet du G20. Celui d’un Sarkozy un peu isolé et celui... Read More

By Kim

What words can be said that could possibly articulate the incredible joy and hopeful presence that resides in the souls of so many this night. I cannot express my feelings, my heart, my soul at this moment as I'm sure many would echo my words. As I watched, MY President Elect give his speech, gentle tears were in my eyes and I saw the eyes of others watching the speech President Obama share so profoundly with humility. He spoke of his appreciation, his devotion, his passion and love and need for the people who had elected him President of the United States of America.

Many have called... Read More

Anyone who's watched news coverage about Iraq over the last 25 years or so has probably seen Tariq Aziz. He was a part of Saddam Hussein's inner circle from the first day the dictator took power. However, unlike 'Chemical Ali' and the rest of Saddam's henchman, Aziz was never a strong man for the regime.

He was more or less the public face of Saddam's Iraq. He was the one who spoke for Iraq at the UN and traveled to America for diplomatic meetings. Charges against Aziz stem from the murder of 42 merchants by Saddam's regime, killed because Saddam thought they were apart of a conspiracy... Read More

In his latest column, NY Times Op-ed writer Frank Rich gets it wrong (as usual) when talking about Iraq. This week in particular Frank misses the mark with his explanation of why movies about the Iraq war do so poorly at the Box Office.

He claims Americans want to avoid talking about the war or seeing images of it, because it's all too depressing and horrific to come to terms with.

It would take another column to list all the movies and TV shows about Iraq that have gone belly up at the box office or in Nielsen ratings in the nearly four years since the war’s only breakout commercial... Read More

By Jen

Amid reports of Lindsay dodging cops, Paris losing millions, and Britney finalizing her divorce, the war torn region of Darfur, in Sudan, was granted a faint ray of hope Tuesday. This ray comes in the form of a U.N. resolution number 1769. Invoking Chapter 7 of the U.N. charter the U.N. Security Council authorized on Tuesday the use of a peacekeeping force of 26,000 troops and police, largely drawn from African nations, in order to address the humanitarian crisis in the region. In a compromise with the Sudanese government, which has until now refused to allow U.N. troops, the peacekeeping... Read More

While these laws advocate the success and survival of human tranquilities, in all reasonable legalities it like many other case laws carries with it burdensome baggage, those of conflict and debate. In my search for legal comprehension I have recognized one such fact of debate that while the government has chosen to esteem itself over international laws by implementing preemptive strikes (declaring war on a country suspected of planning a war against this country) on other countries around the world (stating that it is self defense to do so) and has simultaneously prohibited the concept of... Read More

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