Friday, October 19, 2018

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By Amo tell on your neighbors if they (or I), have the audacity to challenge this President on Healthcare or any other issue that effects “US”.

The sheer arrogance of this administration is simply breathtaking, and there seems to be no bounds on its intrusion, on our way of life…how dare he trample on our constitutional and GOD GIVEN RIGHTS…that of free speech!

For those unfamiliar with what has taken place, the White House has just issued what can best be described as a “warning notice” eerily similar to those that cropped up in Germany in the early 30’s, warning citizens of “scary... Read More

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — In response to the increased violence, arrests, crackdowns and media blackouts due to the recent presidential election in Iran, Bloggers Unite is urging tens of thousands of bloggers from all over the world to unite for a free Iran., which is a nonprofit platform that encourages bloggers to do good and raise social awareness, has launched an initiative that asks bloggers and network participants to use their blogs and accounts to draw awareness about the Iranian election and related atrocities in Iran. Suggested topics include: human rights... Read More

I started this article a few weeks ago but couldn’t word it out in the best way at the time, so I kept it lurking around, until, low and behold my fingers started to itch so much that I was drawn to the Keyboard. I have always been an avid admirer of resilient characters, people often resolute and steadfast in their ways amidst opposition. These people will not walk away in the middle of a crisis but will do all their best to resolve things as best as possible. And such an example of a person I have found in Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown took up office as Prime Minister in... Read More

Between 4th and 7th June 2009, the 27 member states of the European Union (EU) will hold its 7th European Parliament elections. About three quarters of the 736 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will be elected on Sunday 7th June. These MEPs will represent for a five-year period some 500 million Europeans, making these the biggest transnational elections in history. It is also the only multinational parliament in the world to be voted in through universal suffrage!


To remind people that they should go to vote, as in any elections, the EU and... Read More

Le président de la République remet traditionnellement chaque année le trophée de la Coupe de France de football au capitaine du club vainqueur de la finale. Le Président Gaston Doumergue inaugura cette tradition le 8 mai 1927. Tradition que tous les présidents s'attacheront à suivre. Sauf cette année !

"Week-end en famille".

L'Elysée a en effet fait savoir vendredi que Nicolas Sarkozy étant actuellement en séjour au Cap Nègre, dans le Var (où il a fait un discours sur la plage de Nartelle... Read More

By Amo

however in most cases we could always bring it back for either a refund or a credit towards another purchase, and I would imagine after witnessing several months of this administration in action, that some who voted for President Obama, might be having buyer’s remorse…unfortunately there are no refunds on one’s vote, and for the most part we’ve got the type of government that most wanted, and of course the “change” that was promised…the key question that should have been asked BEFORE the purchase, should have been, “what kind of change”?... Read More

At the end of the G20 summit last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a press conference that he was « happy » with the accomplishments made by the 20 leaders, mainly with the new international financial system regulation, which « goes even beyond what we could have imagined. I have never seen anything like that! », he added.

But two worlds (or should we say two visions of the same world) opposed each other before and during the G20. Nicolas Sarkozy’s (little nervous Frenchman, slightly isolated in the world, but with an idol: Napoleon…)... Read More

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