Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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The sixty-foot "Wall Across Wilshire" was painted by local artists including Shepard Fairey, the creator of the "Hope" poster in support of Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. The tearing down of the wall, which was placed between the Variety building and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the Miracle Mile shortly before midnight, was the conclusion of a month-long exhibit put on by Culver City-based Wende Museum.

The Wende Museum houses Cold War era artifacts and last month installed a 40 foot section of the original Berlin Wall in front of the Variety building -- the longest stretch... Read More

La Familia formed in the 1980s as a group of vigilantes with the purpose of bringing order to Michoacan (a central Mexican State)and to help and proctect the poor. La Familia emerged to the foreground in the 1990s as the Gulf Cartel's paramilitary group and trained with Los Zetas, The group splintered in 2006 into a group drug traffincking operation itself. have ties with the Sinaloa cartel.

La Familia a Faith based cartel is described as a pseudo evangelical cult and they may have ties with devotees of the New Jerusalem religious movement. Nazario Moreno Gonzalez (A.K.A El Mas... Read More

The Ash Grove Foundation in its ongoing series of “Beyond November” community events will honor the 45th Anniversary of The Resistance draft resisters movement with “Resistance Then, Resist Now!” on Sunday, October 25th at Arlington West in Santa Monica, 2:00 – 4:30 p.m. Admission is free. The event also honors Arlington West and Veterans for Peace. Arlington West is a temporary memorial erected every Sunday on the beach by Veterans For Peace, immediately north of the Santa Monica Pier:

The Resistance was an organization of draft resisters... Read More

Drug Prohibition is Financing Terrorist Activities at an Annual Half Billion Dollars“Drug Decriminalization in Portugal, Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies” is the title of Glenn Greenwald’s comprehensive CATO Institute evaluation of Portugal’s six years (2001-2007) of enormous success with total decriminalization of all drugs. Combined with offering treatment, this policy has actually become even more admired in Portugal. Their drug policy is that drug use is just an administrative infringement with no criminal penalties, but dealing drugs is still a crime. Portugal now... Read More

Tout le monde s’en souvient, en juin 2007, la RTBF (Radio-Télévision belge de la Communauté francophone) avait diffusé une vidéo de la conférence de presse du Président Sarkozy, lors du sommet du G8, montrant l’intéressé balbutiant, comme sous l’effet de l’alcool (cf. La vérité sur Sarkozy et la vidéo du G8).

Samedi, la télévision belge a réédité son exploit en suivant, jeudi, le premier déplacement de Nicolas Sarkozy depuis son malaise,... Read More

By Amo tell on your neighbors if they (or I), have the audacity to challenge this President on Healthcare or any other issue that effects “US”.

The sheer arrogance of this administration is simply breathtaking, and there seems to be no bounds on its intrusion, on our way of life…how dare he trample on our constitutional and GOD GIVEN RIGHTS…that of free speech!

For those unfamiliar with what has taken place, the White House has just issued what can best be described as a “warning notice” eerily similar to those that cropped up in Germany in the early 30’s, warning citizens of “scary... Read More

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — In response to the increased violence, arrests, crackdowns and media blackouts due to the recent presidential election in Iran, Bloggers Unite is urging tens of thousands of bloggers from all over the world to unite for a free Iran., which is a nonprofit platform that encourages bloggers to do good and raise social awareness, has launched an initiative that asks bloggers and network participants to use their blogs and accounts to draw awareness about the Iranian election and related atrocities in Iran. Suggested topics include: human rights... Read More

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Is Military Operation Jade Helm Committing Treason In USA

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