Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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History has given us many examples of the inevitability of change. Stasis, after all, is contrary to the laws of nature, despite what many hold as true in the days immediately preceding such change as occurs. In our time, we have seen the demise of command economies, under their various guises - communist, socialist, even oligarchic capitalist states have foundered upon their own illusions. Likewise, we are seeing the slow repudiation of one dictator-controlled country after another, especially in Muslim countries of late.

Now, we currently hold to the assumption that these events are... Read More

I have a new hero, a totally fresh discovery for me. His name is Kevin Jackson, author of The Big Black Lie, a critique of liberal America, and host of The Black Sphere website. He was interviewed recently by Melissa Kite in the Spectator, giving his views on Barack Obama and David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, and, oh my, what refreshing and perspicacious views they are!

He said something that I have long suspected though, for me, it was a truth that dare not speak its name – voting for Obama was racist! Let me qualify that by saying I believe that there were a great many... Read More

In a year that just was, we saw an almost endless parade of change; it’s as if revolution and upheaval is the birthright of new centuries. We look out in the world as viewed from our own little corner, and pass judgement. Arguments ensue en mass regarding the meaning and worth of all the changes we see sweeping across the earth.

Problem is of course that it isn’t really change at all, just a year when the litany of forces that constantly animate all human discourse find new and temporary equilibriums. Sometimes it seems like the breaking of a tectonic fault line, a seismic slip that... Read More

The year is almost over and it’s that time again of frantic shopping and binge merriment, of meeting people you haven’t seen since, well, last Christmas; a time of false camaraderie, of debt accumulation, of non-ending festive music, of crowds in malls and elevated blood pressure levels drowned out by copious quantities of eggnog and other spirits. Amidst this madness, I try to take stock each year of where we have come as a species and where we seem to be headed.

In 2011, the world rocked for a second time on the consequences of fiscal irresponsibility, with Western Europe descending... Read More

A month ago the results of the vote for the Russian Duma (lower chamber of parliament) appeared settled – both for foreigners and for Russians, many of whom did not bother to vote. When the results came in, early this week, everything was back in question.

The massive loss of votes and face by the ruling party, in the midst of apparent popular resignation, suggests parallels with the Middle East. There also regimes in firm control for decades were suddenly upset and/or overthrown by unexpected popular movements – a process that is still underway.

Is Russia next in line?

The... Read More

Coming off record profits, no consequences for starting the world economic recession, and the expansion of the global economy, Wall Street is now openly ready to create their New World Order. Ahh, good old conspiracy theory, but sometimes the conspiracy is not a theory. Recent events regarding the debt crisis in the EU has made this effort at creating such an 'order' quite blatant.

We are all too familiar with the tales of economic woe in Greece, Ireland, Italy and even the U.S. "Investors" are demanding drastic cuts in budgets, at the expense of the people, and tax increases... Read More

Terrorism is a symptom. WMDs are a symptom. War is a symptom. Lying politicians are a symptom. Rap gangstas are a symptom. Criminals on Wall Street are a symptom. In fact, most of what is wrong in the world today are only symptoms. The real problem is, we seem pathologically unable to look for causes, preferring, it seems, to believe that symptoms themselves are causes. So it is little wonder we are all feeling like we are caught in a whirlwind, being dragged ever closer to the abyss.

So what do the above symptoms have in common? Along with other symptoms only implied, they all are a... Read More

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