Sunday, December 16, 2018

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Intriguing part of the functional democracies of the world can be seen in macabre display of resenting outburst of politicians. Such outbursts never go unnoticed. These are alarming signals. In the multiplicity of outrageous behavior, somewhere deep seated impatience is transiting, to unleash anger. It is not only in functional democracies but also, where, dictators/despots/regimes are governing. Their, subject’s aspirations are taken as threat by them. The destabilizing turn of events round the globe, graphically points the emerging uneasiness between the subjects and rulers.

In the... Read More

What kind of people they are, who just get together to loath an ordinary citizen of country. Do they have the divine right to impose their wisdom? From the filthy episodes of rampant corruption, we are picking up reason to question the validity of system. System which needs to preserve the sanctity of governance is rather facilitating crimes, in unimaginable way. It is not only happening in my country but rather entire world is engulfed in this malignant vice of non- governance. The mass agitations are turning into bloody quagmire. People aspirations are tossed upon disdainfully. Where we are... Read More

‘No food to swallow but need perfume scents for mustach’, is an adage. This can be attributed to the style of functioning of some under-developed democracies in the world. Their population has still no proper food to eat, no jobs, suffering from unbridled soaring prices of daily consumables, no water to drink, no proper sanitation, sewarage systems, heavy taxations imposed on every activity or services offered by the feeble governments to the citizens, corrupt politicians, ineffecient bureaucrats, and deteriorating Judiciary, in such horrible state of affairs, the people in power want to buy... Read More

Drugs have caused nations, countries, cities and personal tolls for the effects that drugs have caused within our society. It is the most horrific for the families that loose young adults to this childsplay drugs that seem to be utilised to rid people of pain within their own lives.

To move a life of turmoil to a living life like you or me. Drugs for many families have affected the activist's to disarray. A disappearance in the world you are put on a missing persons list. How many of these people have seen too much, even a drug user will know where, who, how, what can be bought and... Read More

Redundant stuff had been produced on issues like Global Warming, pollution within and outer space, depletion of Ozone layer above and ground water levels below and endangerment to Bio-diversity around the globe, through Global work-shops, seminars and symposiums. What has been yielded from such efforts is quite invisible, because, the Business State concept has replaced the ‘Welfare State’ concept quite long back. Profits for few have become predominant activity of the governments than the ‘welfare’ of many around the world. So, blowing with the Conch in the deaf ears yields nothing. Land,... Read More

BEIJING - China's military warned the United States on Saturday that U.S.-Philippine military exercises have raised risks of armed confrontation over the disputed South China Sea in the toughest high-level warning yet after weeks of tensions.

China's official Liberation Army Daily warned that recent jostling with the Philippines over disputed seas where both countries have sent ships could boil over into outright conflict, and laid much of the blame at Washington's door.

This week American and Filipino troops launched a fortnight of annual naval drills amid the stand-off between... Read More

31/3/2012: The Earth Hour concept conceived by the World Wide Fund for Nature to turn off the power for one hour by all people around the world, every year as a part of reducing the climatical heat around the world is infact a rediculous idea, because the underdeveloped countries in Africa, and Asia 70% of the population in households still live in dark due to disparities in the power distribution. For those people every hour is an ‘Earth Hour’ or perhaps we can more candidly say every year is an Earth Year for them.

For example most of the villages, towns and even in some middle class... Read More

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