Friday, January 18, 2019

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When we spotted thirteen year old Frank Dixon on YouTube, we we're stunned. At first we thought he was a good singer like many others on YouTube, but then we found out that he writes all his songs himself. That and the fact that he puts real emotions into these songs makes him much more than just another Justin Bieber copy. He is a true inspiration for other Teenagers!

Frank began writing songs at the age of nine and was first discovered when he published songs like "Moving On" and "Up and Away." In 2010 he was awarded the Junior Singer/Songwriter Prize at "Dream Inc" in Melbourne. His... Read More

Dear Mister President,

You will recall that you opened your first term of office with an overture, as you put it, to the ‘Islamic Republic’ of Iran. Let’s be friends, you said, offering the ‘Islamic Republic’ your hand. That same hand, as I’m sure you know, was bitten by the 'Islamic Republic' dog. With you it is not a case of once bitten twice shy; for the hand is being extended once again. You have offered direct talks with the growling mongrels in Teheran.

Let’s have a look a little more closely at the ‘Islamic Republic’. Yes, Mister President, why don’t you look a little... Read More

My mother told me from the age of four, as a young girl I would beg my father and grandfather to take me duck hunting with them. Perhaps it is a genetic predisposition to the thrill of the chase or the allure to danger that runs through our families veins, enticing us into playing the game of probability and chance in gaming or it could merely be survival. Either way, like my father and grandfather and my ancestors before them, I have a love of the outdoors, some warrior fever and a deep respect for the 2nd Amendment in my veins. Firearms have a unique relationship regarding my family history.... Read More

Marble Collegiate, founded in 1628 in NYC is one of the oldest Protestant churches in North America with continuous service for 380+ years, it has a LGBT Faith Based Fellowship. Which cannot help but cause one to wonder, why doesn't every church have a Gay Friendly Fellowship? If Marble, one of the countries oldest churches can embrace change, every religious institution can raise the bar and take the spiritual high road by respecting and opening their doors to ALL people for the sake of Equality.While volunteering at Marble Collegiate, I could not help but be reminded that Love is so much... Read More

I don’t suppose too many people who read Broowaha have ever come across a copy of Der Stürmer – literally The Stormer -, the notorious Nazi paper edited by Julius Streicher, later hanged at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. I have. I looked at copies in London’s Wiener Library when I was an undergraduate, part of a study into anti-Semitism and modern German history.

It’s difficult for me to describe just how repellent it is, how obsessive, how relentless in its hatred and monomania. Each edition carries a vicious anti-Semitic cartoon on the front page, the usual awful Jewish... Read More

The murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi called to mind one of my previous BrooWaha articles on Libya (Making war on the Dead, March 14, 2012). I never believed in the fake promise of the Arab Spring. Let me be even more frank: these people are incapable of freedom. They are immersed, they will always be immersed, in darkness, hysteria and fanaticism. Let me remind you of some of my previous words:

Why, oh why, I continually ask myself, did the West ever get involved in wretched palaces like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya?Why did we not just leave the people in these dreadful... Read More

Do you have your copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to hand? If you do, please have a look through, just to refresh your memory over the various techniques the nefarious Jews plan to use on their path to world domination. If you don’t, or if you are unfamiliar with this seminal text, let me act as your guide on the essentials.

It’s all there – religion undermined, morals subverted, race and class hatred promoted, banking and credit as a weapon of economic control, the press as a weapon of psychological control; on and on, until civilization itself is destroyed and those elders... Read More

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I believe that someday all military operations will be reduced and we will be able to make agreements using international negotiations. War never changes things to better, never!

Is Military Operation Jade Helm Committing Treason In USA

yep...some butt heads still think the Marlboro man's horse's breath he inhaled inadvertantly caused the wanker's death...though it doesn't seem to have stopped the die hards who die hard and in the firm belief second hand smoking and secondhand countries...

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