Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Elections. They're right around the corner. We keep seeing ads for the various candidates and propositions on television, interspersed between partisan newscasts and anything-but-reality shows. And we have also seen the cost of gas at the pumps rise exponentially, while oil companies bear record-breaking profits. It makes us angry, but what are we to do? Especially here in California, where gas prices are some of the highest in the country. Legislation currently at hand is attempting to address our concerns about fuel consumption. The problem with elections is that it's nigh impossible... Read More

The White House, particularly George Bush, has a difficult time grasping language and its shades of meaning. However, the Republican Party as a whole appears deft at crafting phrases and inventing rhetoric that linger in the mind and incite emotions. The most recent example of this surrounds the new bill that came before and passed (253 to 168) the House regarding extensive rules governing the questioning of terror suspects and bringing them before military tribunals. The bill would allow seizure of evidence in the United States without a search warrant, allowing evidence obtained through... Read More

Bill Clinton will be speaking at UCLA tomorrow October 13th at 9:15am. He will be talking about Proposition 87. On September 21st, during his 2006 Clinton Global Initiative conference, Bill Clinton lauded Proposition 87 and presented it as key step in breaking the United States' addiction to oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"CGI was designed to tackle big global challenges in bite size pieces," President Clinton said. "This is a very, very good thing to do and, since California is our biggest state, it pumps 190 million tons of pollution into the air from cars, trucks and... Read More

In El Paso Texas, an adult bookstore clerk was arrested after showing two undercover cops an "obscene item" (a penis shaped device) that he stated would "arouse" and "gratify" the undercover female. Currently, Texas legislation holds that selling or promoting any obscene device ("a device including a dildo or artificial vagina, designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs.") is illegal. Specifically, promotion is when someone "possesses with intent to wholesale promote any obscene material or obscene device. A person who possesses six or more obscene... Read More

The history of immigration in Southern California is quite interesting, and shows just how arbitrary the concerns of nationalism are. The first "illegal immigrants" to cross the border in this part of the world were in fact U.S. citizens, and they were going against a bill which made it illegal for them to cross into Mexico. Originally, when the first U.S. citizens came west into the land of Mexico, they were there as outsiders trying to fit in. They accepted the customs of the land, and settled down to become a part of the culture around them. These first settlers were treated cordially... Read More

Not that long ago the Governator poll numbers were falling fast as he suffered crushing defeats of his special-election measures. Anti-republican sentiment rose with the Iraqi death toll and gas prices. Red states like Kansas and Wyoming have Democrats leading their gubernatorial races. Angelides being the Democratic contender in the bluest state seemed poised for victory but that time has long since passed. According to the latest poll from Public Policy Institute of California, Gov. Schwarzenegger is leading 48% to 31%. Why? Both sides ran to the left after the primaries. Arnold went after... Read More

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