Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. “With 500 more people than expected in attendance for his swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, former Vice Mayor Jimmy Delshad credited the rich fabric of America's diversity for paving the way to his new leadership role as the first Iranian-American mayor in the United States." "This can only happen in American and I am grateful that I am an American and live here," he said."Together, we have all opened doors and created opportunities to bring new blood and new energy into Beverly Hills civic life and move our city forward." The newly-appointed mayor, who narrowly beat... Read More

Imagine being lodged in the wheel well of a jet. The plane gathers speed on the runaway and gradually lifts off the tarmac. The wheels retract and as they fold in on themselves, so must you. If your body is unsecured or misplaced, you will be crushed by the landing gear. The temperature of the air moves inversely with the ascension of the plane. Soon it will reach -40 degrees in the hold. Any exposed skin is frostbitten within minutes; even with well-insulted clothing, to withstand conditions this harsh over the length of a flight is to defy vastly long odds. This is stowing away on commercial... Read More

President George Bush's policy on terrorism has been repeated more than once. It couldn't have been stated more clearly. "Anyone financing a terrorist organisation should be prosecuted as vigorously as the terrorists." In numerous news reports today, it was reported that, "Banana company Chiquita Brands International said Wednesday it has agreed to a $25 million fine and will admit to paying a Colombian terrorist group for protection in a volatile farming area." It seems like some of the big-wigs at the Chiquita head office, based in Cincinnati, OK-ed about $1.7 million in payments to the... Read More

By Amo

It seems that "the games have begun". What was once considered political suicide; campaigning too early; is now becoming an accepted practice. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are in full swing, and if projections hold true, New York it seems will have the distinction of having two presidential candidates from the same state, on opposite sides of the political spectrum, not to mention political parties. And while it's still too early to predict the final outcome, of who will become president, New York City is almost assured of having the next Commander and Chief. It seems ironic... Read More

To anyone who knows me and my rather bleeding heart tendencies, it may come as a slight surprise that I haven't jumped on the Hillary and/or Barack bandwagon. Many feminists are thrilled at the idea of a woman running the so-called free world, and many others are even more excited that an African-American might finally get a turn. But for me, Hillary is too much like a Republican, albeit with a better hairstyle, and Barack, despite his charm, isn't as progressive as I'd hoped. Enter Dennis Kucinich, by all appearances, a typical white male. But looking a little deeper, we see that he is... Read More

We just starting "shooting the shit" about why he came here, what he had hoped to accomplish and whether he felt he completed his tasks. In the midst, of this simple conversation, I suddenly found myself totally enthralled with details and questions. "HOW DID YOU GET HERE?", I asked. "OH, I PAID A COYOTE $1800 IN SAN LUIS, MEXICO TO TAKE ME ACROSS THE RIVER INTO ARIZONA, He responded. Mauro told me about how it was about a 30 minute walk, as they crossed the Rio Colorado to the waiting car that took them to a public bus to San Diego. Once in San Diego, the tale got a little murky, but included... Read More

For the most part, it is the convictions and politics that will differentiate one candidate from the other. One candidate might be pro-war and another is anti-war. No doubt about it, voters will have important and distinct choices to make both in the primary season as well as in November of 2008. One of the similarities that voters will see among the candidates, is the way that these candidates will market their ideas and vision to attract voters. Four years ago, Howard Dean had a brilliant idea of using the internet to raise money as well as to promote his ideas. Blogging was relatively new,... Read More

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