Thursday, July 19, 2018

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San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks got caught in the police raid of an illegal bordello in Las Vegas over the weekend. He admits he was there, but says it was only for a back rub. He also claims he thought the place was operating legally. Munks and San Mateo Under Sheriff Carlos Bolanos were detained and questioned Saturday night by Las Vegas police in Operation Dollhouse, a raid on more than a handful of sex houses located about two miles west of the Las Vegas strip, according to Las Vegas Police Department Officer Bill Cassell. The two men were not arrested or charged in the raid, Cassell... Read More

The procedure involves partially removing the fetus from the uterus and then cutting or crushing it's skull to complete the abortion. Opponents call it a "partial-birth abortion." According to, "While the general public is nearly evenly split on abortion in general, polls show that the vast majority of Americans back some restrictions on it. Surveys have found that more than 60 percent favor banning the procedure outlawed in Wednesday's ruling" Agree or disagree, what is clear is that both sides of the abortion debate expect a new push for more restrictions by state lawmakers. "Something... Read More

It is unconscionable that any member of Congress would intentionally say anything disparaging against American forces regardless of where they are stationed, however, Reid has successfully accomplished in a mere four words what insurgents have been unable to do in four years. "This war is lost," Reid said on Thursday triggering a surge in support for the troops among Republican lawmakers. "I can't begin to imagine how our troops in the field, who are risking their lives every day, are going to react when they get back to base and hear that the Democrat leader of the United States Senate... Read More

A gunman opened fire early this morning on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, killing at least 32 and injuring at least two dozen. The shooter was among those killed in the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. "Today the university was struck with a tragedy that we consider of monumental proportions," Virginia Tech president Charles Steger said at the news conference. "The university is shocked and indeed horrified that this would befall us." President Bush was expected to make a statement about the tragedy later today. Virginia Tech was founded in 1872 and is the largest... Read More

One of the biggest issues in America right now is illegal immigration. This one issue has pushed the buttons at the core of this great country, since most of our ancestors were illegal immigrants at one time. We try to balance fairness and understanding of the plight of Mexicans with our own sense of nationality. But it is an impossible place to sit, for everyone's opinions vary from strong humanitarism to radical extremism and the worst part is everyone is correct. But I think as Americans, we must step back and protect out Constitution, which is the most vulnerable under this escalating... Read More

dy'·nas'·ty 1. a sequence of rulers from the same family, stock, or group. 2. the rule of such a sequence. 3. a series of members of a family who are distinguished for their success, wealth, etc. Clinton has been quoted as saying Bush Sr. is "like a father" to him, and they have both teamed up for multiple disaster relief type of organizations. Clinton and Bush, both being members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission (which was started by David Rockefeller), had multiple members of their staff who were also members of the CFR and TC. Both organizations being heavily influenced by Bush Sr... Read More

San Rafael, March 6, 2007 at 5:00 a.m. While the rest of Marin County was sleeping on the morning of March 6, 2007, agents of the ominously named I.C.E (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raided the city's Canal district, a close knit community which is predominantly Latino, as well as other such areas in Novato, arresting 66 people, 28 of which have been deported as of the time of this writing.

These people have fallen prey to the notorious and callously named Operation Return to Sender, which was initiated last summer by the Department of Homeland Security. The rough and intimidating... Read More

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