Sunday, September 23, 2018

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It is counterintuitive to assume that someone can sneak into the country, obtain a fake Social Security card and/or counterfeit birth certificate, obtain a driver license, falsify employment applications to illegally obtain work in the United States and then become a model citizen. In fact, these illegals become the unwitting pawns in a host of illegal activities that are only possible because they are illegally here in the first place. The presence of illegal Mexican workers enables businesses to "pay under the table" and compromises tax collection, social security, workmen's compensation,... Read More

For those who have to deal with illegal immigrants on a daily basis, the reality is far from the myths perpetuated by the American press. Illegal immigration is a serious problem undermining the way of life in many small towns across the United States. The truth is easy to find, but only if a person wants objective answers.

This is the first of a three part series on illegal immigration and it should serve as a wake up call to all those that have never set foot in a manufacturing plant and lack any first hand experience with the circumstances illegal workers face. For the record, I... Read More

Acting like a 10 year old, he demanded Paul "tell us he didn't really mean that" after he DARED to suggest that maybe the US wouldn't have been attacked on 9-11 if it weren't for the fact that the US has been bombing the middle east for 10 years, and that 9-11 was a retaliatory attack.

Giuliani feigns ignorance to this fact and the audience, as well as the mainstream media, has taken Giuliani's side based on the image he has created for himself through his PR work after 9-11. "Americas Mayor" is nothing of the sort, most of us New Yorkers didn't like him when he was in office, and we... Read More

Senator Obama justified the tax-and-spend tactic on the wealthy because, as he said, the wealthy do not need the money as much as middle class people do and can better afford to pay the higher taxes. Federal tax policy has not historically developed around the wealthy's need for their money. In fact, the entire "pay their fair share" theory of graduated income taxation was never based on need; the fairness issue was rooted in comparative ability to pay. In 1895, the United States Supreme Court struck down a law that would have imposed a two percent annual income tax on personal incomes... Read More

By Amo

It seems that we're once again at a pivotal point in our history, and this time I fear that we'll finally throw the baby out with the bath water, as "the politics of defeat and deceit" has finally become mainstream, an analogy that many in this country would perhaps disagree with, and yet most have either forgotten the lessons of 9/11 or worse yet need to be reminded by another unthinkable act, that we're in a world wide conflict for our very survival. One can argue with justification that we have not executed efficiently the war in Iraq, however to suggest that we went to war for personal... Read More

A good friend of mine showed up today. The last time I saw her was about a year ago. It was last June, I believe. She took a leave of abstinence from the restaurant where she was an assistant manager and returned home to see her daughter and mother in Durango, Mexico. We will call her Maria. Maria planned to only stay for a month and then return to her $30,000 a year job. The problem was that, she was here in the United States illegally, but she felt it would be no big deal to get back across and was willing to spend the $3000 that was the coyote's normal price. Oh my, was this ever a big... Read More

An inescapable result of electing legislators is that they eventually feel the need to write legislation. Existing legislations are, perhaps, consulted with a quick glance. But the egoistic little need to sign one's name to a bill is irrestable and, to get a bill passed into law, produces euphoria in its author. Of course these bills are written on behalf of the common weal, their underlying premise is always, "the world would be a better place if..." This brings us to California Assembly Bill AB1178 authored by Assemblyman Leland Yee with the endorsement of Johans Kleh. Attracted by the... Read More

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