Monday, September 24, 2018

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Yesterday, upon the stair,I met a man who wasn’t thereHe wasn’t there again todayI wish, I wish he’d go away...

Lots of you will recognise these words, the opening verse of William Hughes Mearns’ 1899 poem Antigonish, also known as The Little Man Who Wasn’t There. I’ve had occasion to use it previous articles, most recently in a piece on my blog about David Cameron, the British Prime Minister.

It immediately came to mind again on Friday, when I watched a recording of Clint Eastwood addressing an empty chair at the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida. The empty chair, as you... Read More

It must be obvious to those who read my articles that politically I lean to the right. I’m a libertarian and a conservative. In British elections I vote for the Conservative Party, I have since I was eighteen, most recently in the London mayoral contest for Boris Johnson, a personal hero of mine.

So, if I were an American I would be a Republican, consistent with my conservative principles and my deeply held belief in personal freedom. I could no more vote for the Democrats than I could for the British Labour Party. I consider Barack Obama to be a socialist, a philosophy that I despise,... Read More

Mark Mardell, for you Americans and Canadians, is the North American editor of the BBC. You may never have heard of him, in which case you are fortunate; I rather wish I’d never heard of him either. If you are under the impression that the BBC is the beacon of journalistic integrity, a threadbare myth, I assure you, Mardell’s reports should be enough to disabuse you. But, of course, you live in North America; you don’t have to listen to him. We don’t and we do.

Mardell and the BBC are on a retainer for Barack Obama. Oh, I have no evidence here; it’s just that the quality of reporting... Read More

Since the Aurora, Colorado shooting I have been involved in many heated debates centered on gun control, more specifically when someone says that only military and police should be allowed to have guns. This thinking is extremely naive and the events of this past Sunday should prove that. In these debates I have stated that just because you are in the U.S. military does not mean that you should be able to have a firearm. Wade Michael Page is proof of this. Many will probably accuse me of being unpatriotic or anti-American for writing this, but that is not the truth. I am simply pointing out... Read More

Twenty-four hours can be a long time in cyberspace as we all know. Additional information gets added to Google Search all the time, including my last article. Since I raised a hypothesis in my that article, I thought I'd continue to track it. I'm just that sort of bloody-minded, obesessive reasearcher you see. With 'Life Cycles' I try not to deal in vagaries, and I'm not only concerned about which year of a person's life certain important events happened in, but which part of the year, and sometimes almost unbelievably, to the exact day.

Anyway I did posit, regarding Robert Clinton Johns,... Read More

In responding to my recent article on Obama’s incapacity for high office (Don’t Mess with Mr In-Between, 26 July) one contributor made the following observation about Mitt Romney’s supposed London Olympic gaff during his recent foreign tour:

…Mr. Romney goes to London on his first foreign visit as a presidential candidate and he insults our greatest ally. He went on a soft-ball tour and screwed it up. He showed he's not even qualified to be a foreign service officer never mind the president of the U.S.

This is a subject I intend to return to, a Michigan Yankee in the Court of... Read More

I was visiting San Francisco for a couple of days. when I decided to read the Saturday edition of the San Fran. Chronicle. On page one was the story of a homeless man, one Robert Clinton Johns, who has been arrested for possessing illegal weapons, concealed weapons and drug possession for sale. When officers searched his vehicle, which he lived out of, they found a sawed-off shotgun, a 9mm semiautomatic pistol, 14 knives and 5,000 rounds of ammunition. He was also wearing military fatigues, that suggested he was gearing up for a gunbattle or attack of unknown proportions. This took place on... Read More

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