Sunday, December 16, 2018

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What a difference a day makes. It was startling to wake up Wednesday morning and find myself living in a state Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat described as "Left of California". Westneat was referring to the fact that Washington voters appear to be passing Referendum 74, which legalizes gay marriage and Initiative 502 which legalizes marijuana for adult recreational use. One of the disadvantages of Washington's vote by mail system is that it sometimes takes longer to get the results. Since ballots must be accepted and counted if they are post-marked by election day, most Washington... Read More

2012 is a truly historical year in American History. The year started with four republican presidential nominees. Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, US Congressman Ron Paul, former US Senator Rick Santorum and Governor Mitt Romney who won the GOP primaries and became the party's presidential candidate for the 2012 Election. Romney later appointed, Congressman Paul Ryan, as his running mate. They were now facing a new challenge, "Obama-Biden".

Both Campaign Teams had already started bombarding each other with negative tv ads and Attacks on their personal lives, long before November 6th.... Read More

When I started this blog, I certainly didn't see it as a place to write responses to Washington Post columnists. And yet here I am again. The Washington Post is the national newspaper I read every day. I especially like the fact that it is free on the web. I've written before about moving on from The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times after these newspapers set up paywalls. I was pleased last week when the New York Times temporarily disabled their paywall to provide free coverage of superstorm Sandy. And I do occasionally read an occasional piece from the New York Times when the URL... Read More

As millions of Americans prepare for another big hurricane that is expected to make landfall on monday, Companies like "Verizon", will continue to serve their consumers, businesses and government agencies along the East Coast. "Verizon Wireless stands ready to serve our customers, and I urge everyone first and foremost to stay safe. We live and work in the towns and cities in the storm's path, and we are dedicated to keeping our friends, families and neighbors connected in times like these. We prepare for situations like this year-round, and pride ourselves in our ability to be there for our... Read More

The Tax Policy Center, non-partisan group which analyzes tax plans and issues, recently concluded that Romney could not keep all of the promises he had made on individual tax reform: including cutting marginal tax rates by 20 percent, keeping protections for investment income, not widening the deficit and not increasing the tax burden on the poor or middle class. Romney’s plan, as it stands, would cut taxes for rich families and raise them for everyone else.

Over the course of the campaign Romney has stated that 47% of this country does not matter and Obama recently attacked Romney in... Read More

Republicans keep falsely claiming President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus, officially known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), was a massively wasteful failure. Right now the GOP is using all the money from their right-wing billionaire donors to inundate swing state voters with their anti-stimulus, pro-austerity message.

But in reality the stimulus is a smashing success. It is more than 50 percent bigger than Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and has begun to profoundly change the United States of America in ways many of us are just beginning to realize.... Read More

With 14 days to go until Election Night, things are getting rough between the two candidates. More attack ads, more criticism and Mitt Romney trying to find a peaceful end of the Campaign season between him and The President.

After almost a year of fighting, denying and flip-flopping the Presidential Campaign has come to an end, last Night at Lynn University,Florida. It was the last Presidential Debate for President Obama and could be a game changer for both candidates. Especially for Governor Mitt Romney.

Recent Polls have shown that one of the most important states in the Country,... Read More

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