Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Teens R Us - Foster Children for Sale

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

For the second time in as many weeks, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors will attempt to close Teens Happy Homes.

The vote had been originally scheduled for the previous week. However supervisor Ridley Thomas tabled the vote, and had a closed-door session, apparently discussing legal ramifications should the Board of Supervisors close the agency.

Such a concern is not without merit. Teens has learned a lot over the years. There is George Gutierrez, who is the management... Read More

Currently, there is a great deal of controversy over the second Amendment to the US Constitution which, it is claimed, guarantees the right of the individual to bear arms. The impact of the amendment has been profound. Historically, it has been used by gun advocates to block any effective regulations or restrictions that aim at limiting their use as well as diverting attempts to create a national database of gun owners.

To achieve a more complete appreciation of the conflict, it would be useful to read the full US Constitution so that the second amendment can be viewed in its proper... Read More

Before President Obama’s election in 2008, the advertising media overwhelmingly featured white actors almost exclusively in commercials and magazines to sell products. After the election, all that changed as more advertisements targeted a multiracial image of the American family. This all became noticeable once Obama was declared president-elect.

One can only wonder why it took the election of a black president to embrace the multracial nature of the American family, a cultural trend that has been increasing for decades. It boggles the mind to think that a few corporate executives... Read More

On the day we are called to remember those who died serving the country, we walk dogs in the park, enjoying the sunny weather; we get a higher, nearly ghostly, view of the world from top of ferris wheels, and we spend on hotdogs and carnival food.

This Memorial Day, more veterans will come back to homelessness and joblessness, because those who served the country have done their job, and can go away – nobody cares where, as long as it’s cheap.

This Memorial Day, more of those wounded in battle, who were not lucky enough to suffer fatal wounds, will run out of medical care and... Read More

Secretly Recorded Audio Files of Teens Happy Homes Board Meeting

These audio files make fascinating listening. Anyone interested in the machinations of what goes on at these board meetings, are in for a treat. The recordings are also pathetic, especially when not once, does there appear to be much concern about the welfare, of the foster children the agency is entrusted with.

The source of the audio, Askari Moyenda, turned over the recording to the LA Times, which put the links up on their site. Special admiration for Times reporter Garett Therolf, who has done excellent reporting... Read More

The year is TwoThousandThirteen. Our president is named Barak Hussein Obama, and he is black. At least that is, if you were to ask almost anyone, that would be their answer. Technically they would be incorrect, but this commentary isn't about the validity of a man made up of 50% caucasion, 43.75% Arabic and 6.25% African Negro calling himself 'black'. (But if everyone insists on reveling in the idea of a black president... I will gladly indulge the concept.)

It is instead, about the fact that we can have a 'black' president in this country and yet so many of our own citizens cling to... Read More

Teens Happy Homes: Contract discussed behind closed doors: Which Agency is Next?

The Business of Child Abuse:

By Joshua Allen

We have been writing about Teens Happy Homes, and other agencies of concern for over 3 years. For 3 years we warned the county, and anyone else who would listen, that the system of audits in place are inadequate, and so weak, as to encourage malfeasance. Children’s welfare suffers when there is malfeasance. How can it be otherwise?

Foster Care Agencies have a Board of Directors. This Board is supposed to be supervising, and monitoring,... Read More

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