Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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In candlelight

dining on ashes

we sit discussing

the impeding doom.

Bells peal while our eyes fall over tiled mosaics

carrying our thoughts to water

carrying us over the faces of friends

never to be seen again

carrying words

we should have spoken.

In candlelight

shadows dance

the present fragments from the past

while outside the gloom grows

like late afternoons over

innocent children who play

without a care and

cannot yet hear

the approach of

vampires on horseback.

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SHE. riginal.

She lay up pon the mountain

Dressed all up most white

Shivered shook n' giggled

Sat up all the night.

She teetered pon the treelines

Fondled lichen sour

Gasped and clung to depths unknown

Ignored God's call to power.

The skiers laughed and chuckled

Goaded her to run

She sat just quiet ignored them

Basked in ancient sun.

The taunts and shouts she echoed back

She didn't budge one bit

Made love to many humans

She hungered for a flit.

Then came one day a handsome... Read More

There were low voices

that could have been mistaken for chanting...

but it was not.

There were heads cowled and bowed

that could have been mistaken for praying...

but they could not.

There were many eyes -moist and reddened-

that could have been mistaken for crying...

but they were not.

The smell of a cigarette’s burning filter lingered as disease might...

Two explored with urgency one body

it could have been mistaken for love...

but it was not.

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Another relationship

Another guy

Another set of excuses

Another pack of lies.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try

Why I bother crying

Why I tolerate lying

Why I'm continually dying inside

These days its much harder to hide it.

Why am I trying to avert this certain disaster?

What kind of happily ever after could come of this?

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There are times when you want to get away

Running away from the beeping of your mind

You foster the pain in your heart

Letting it nourish the raw wound of betrayal ***

This world needs a giant sweep

Clearing away all the dust

Of hate and ignorance

Washing clean this intolerance***

Lifting a hand to hurt a fellow being

Inscrutable disregarded darkness

Oblivion to values of the soul

Creating incomprehensible anguish ***

Through time actions speaking

Louder than a drum pounding

The... Read More

Storms tempestuous raging the lakes cresting with exertion of life*** After the storm the sun broke through warming my soul beckoning me with hope the river banks serene majestic harmony Quiescent serenity*** Storms will come Tears cascade with endlessness insinuated lament seemingly eternal whimpers of longing*** For the avidity of the sun the caress of purity and innocence lost turning our tears to mist*** Rising within to be no erase forever with rebirth Of faith and hope rejuvenated strength grace undeserved*** Dancing and sparkling in our hearts... breaking forth... Read More

Never knew myself,till I met you.

Never knew what trust meant,till I broke it.

Never knew I hated silence,till you chose it.

Never knew how I felt,till I lost you.

Never knew what winning was,till I failed.

Never knew what hope meant,till I lost it.

Never knew the mild breeze,

till life knocked the breath out of me.

Never knew the beauty of sunshine,

till the rain came by.

Never knew how easy it is to advice,

till I tried to follow.

Never knew how strong I am,

till I fought back.

Life is one lesson,... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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