Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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By Kim

The trees await recycle

Tinsel and bells put away

Scattered houses still implore beauty

Of the season with a luminous display

Hold Dear

All those without

Are now wonderfully adorned

Cries heard.

Mouth feed

Bodies clothed

Ah! Here's an abode


The 25th has passed

It's New Year's at last...

Now the music and merry are faint in sound

For me still wonderously endures

Hope, Joy, and Expectancy

For an innovative and blessed New Year

St. Nick came to town

So put... Read More

people always look

they always seem to stare

acting like life is fair

so my legs wobble

and i can't walk stright

but why am i your eyes bait?

do you know how it hurts

when all eyes are on me

no not for my beauty

not for my many talents

but for my flaw

for my uneven legs

my right leg is shorter than my left

and now every step i take is uneven

but i can't control that

nor can i control your eyes

if i could i'd stop you from glaring

stop you from staring

it makes my handicap... Read More


just one gun is all it takes

just one bullet is all it takes

just one pull is all it takes

just one shot is all it takes

just one person is all it takes

just one target is all it takes

it's so easy


that one gun

that one bullet

that one pull

that one shot

that one person

doesn't just effect that one target

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why are you so scared

to express your thoughts

your opinions

why is it you have to hide your name

you seem ashamed

i can't blame you

you tell me my poetry is silly

yet you have the nerve to remain nameless

why do you act so tough

when you are truely soft

you insult others work

yet you don't give any advice

you just tell them how much their work sucked

while you munch on a sandwich

which you probably bought

so tell me sir

why is it you diss others

but you choose to remain nameless

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It took a year and a half for him to tell me

He claims he always liked me

I always liked him too

my boy friend at the time

feared he'd steal me away

he called him names

not realizing the inner pain it caused me

I had hidden feelings for him

how dare he insult him

all I wanted was to be with him

to hold him, hug him, kiss him

and never let go

he was strong and beautiful

he made me feel safe and desired

but our desires were forbidden

for he had a girlfriend

and I too was in a relationship

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Summer approaches

she wraps her arms around me

I feel her warm sun beam on my skin

her rays kiss my face

and I feel somehow safe

I am not longer afraid of winter

turning me blue

or making me stay indoors

and giving me the flu

no, not anymore

summer is here

she whispers gently into my ear

with her soft breeze

telling me secrets

which no one else can hear

she is my friend

I can always depend on her

to come and take winter away

and give me sunny days

summer also... Read More

I watch with envy

the flowers around me

they sway so freely

they seem so happy

so full of life

colorful and bright

but no not me

I have the devils horns on me

these thorns restrict me

no one picks me

no one seems to want me

they leave me out

saying I'm different

saying I seem so uptight

my mother tells me

I'm just not right

she told me to see my thorns in a different light

how lucky

she says

you are

to have thorns

while all the flowers

seem... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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