Monday, September 24, 2018

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“Let’s go for a walk” I say

joy written all over my face

the sky is light

the sun is shining bright

so we begin to walk hand in hand

feet moving at the same pace

I can't help to notice your smiling face

but then we come to a bridge

our feet meet the ledge

we look at the view

how stunning I think

your grip lets free

as I turn to you

I notice streams of salty water

running from your eyes

“baby why do you cry?”

you just look at me

but life already left your eyes

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welcome to my life

let me teach you about me

when i'm tired, stressed, or need to pee

i go to the corner flap my hands

as if they were wings

as i make frustrated noises

and jump up and down

than i calm down

come up to my mom

give her an attemped kiss

i play with balloons

well more like flick them

they keep me entertained for hours

maybe more

i'm not quite sure

you see i'm not your average kid

i go to special ed classes

although i look like i am fine

i am not

i... Read More

Burning, cold Fire, iceTry to be bold Try to be niceNo, I've been told More than twice Burned by the cold Crushed by the viceNerves no longer contained Pain no longer feltFeelings drained Heart will meltWith nothing to sustain The emotions inside Now I'm plain Nothing to hideNow I show all Having nothing to showFire started small But, continued to grow Fueled by the call Of the answer no!

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I float through morning's fogFloat by drivers who whip their dogsIn to rusty Cog Town, whereI see countless tiny brown cogsThe cogs grind, they're neglectedThey run until they breakNew cogs grind, neglectedWorking to the same fateMachine drivers, fat, blindMiddle mechanics, lazyToothless brown cogs grindingThis machine drives me crazy!Another brown cog brokenShiny cog is installedThe machine doesn't brakeGrinding more new cogs downGround downAs the coffee they drinkCogs drownIn their sweat and their stinkKept downToo busy, no time to think

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I opened my eyesbefore the dawn had chance to. She said six would have been finebut I wanted some time alone. I forgot to say goodbye to the dog. Mist hungprecariouslyover fields of corn, just careful not to touch the tips of houses. And a pinkglow softened the car rideI did a crosswordit’s been awhileand sudoku was too hard. I’ve been down these hallways many times.I know waitingareas well.We are a well-oiled cityfunctioningon a timerI see onlythe skinny people. I thought I’d sleep but four hourstick by, My mother should be used to thisby now. I wonder about my email,he must have forgotten... Read More

my torn down columnsdo not begin with's my head on a chestit's mornings,headaches,because he goes on aboutsnowboarding and Iwithout my coffee.To him, I'm perhaps dull.Loose,without rhythm.Bookswrite of itwild dirty but we are good.The death of usdone beautifully,and like art,depression breathes newnessintofraillungs.He passed out,the couch. I let the TVrun on,like crawling colored strobeslike smeared fingerpaintsacross myhotcheeksI'm a perfect angel.sadness,watching morningspread it's legs wide openfor his living room,when I'll be pushed outdropped offdone beautifully.

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I can’t remember when it was that Frivolity flew out the window; but she’s gone. I went to her room and looked in her bed. The window was open and there, on the bed, sat Fear, her sorry substitute, biting his nails and looking ever so worried.

“Where is Frivolity?” I asked the unwelcome intruder.

“Gggone,” said Fear.

“Did she say when she’d be back?”

Fear couldn’t answer.

She’s been gone a long time now; so long that it’s become more and more difficult to remember her whimsical smile, those devil-may-care eyes, that wondrous spontaneity that could convince... Read More

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Agree Barb, throwing the baby out with the bath water 'aint the answer. Take care. :>)

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ed i was one of the original complainers about people using this site to flog their stuff. Now legite comments don't show?