Friday, September 21, 2018

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Just my opinion: I was musing over the origin of Valentine’s Day. Why the heart? Why the red heart? Why the arrow piercing the red heart? Why will people spend about $17.02 billion dollars to participate in this day? So because research is one of my great passions, I decided to allow the trusty mister www to take me down a walk through memory lane.

Truly, the Internet is a vast source of material. Even though my original intent was to research the origin of Valentine’s Day, I ended up going a little further to read about the symbols of that day.

Is it really... Read More

This is my final semester as an undergraduate. Afterwards, I will either get accepted into a Masters of Fine Arts program with a concentration in poetry or more than likely, get some dead end job. Perhaps retail. Oh the horror. I’m currently working two jobs while, at the same time, managing a full course load. I am planning on moving to Boston to get away from the family and consequent security blanket. Understandably, I am stressed. So I needed a way to deal. I started trying to deal with my stress by ignoring it. I ended up sleeping five hours a night, when I was lucky, for a week.... Read More

"I shall have no illusions and do only what I can."

I first came upon this phrase a few months ago, tucked deep away in fairly dense text, nearly lost in the muddle of it all. At first glance, it is deceptively simple. We understand it. We consider illusions. We consider what we "can" do... but wait. Read it again.

"I shall have no illusions and do only what I can." Hmmm.

Despite myself, despite the author and the book and the context (of no consequence here) the phrase took a liking to me. Or perhaps my mind was ripe for its planting.

In either case, I didn't invite... Read More

Despite all of the efforts of the Clinton presidential campaign, it seems that the people are tired of being told for whom who they plan to vote. Heading into yesterday’s South Carolina Democratic primary, former president and current presidential candidate Bill and Hillary Clinton proceeded to tell the nation how South Carolina would vote primarily for Her Majesty because of some racial thing. As it turned out, South Carolina Democrats had their own message to Hillary Clinton and it goes something like this: “shut up woman!”

Again, to prove a point of how... Read More

"Psst...Hey buddy, you want some coffee?" said the hushed voice from against the wall, just as Sam was about to enter his local Starbucks. "Oh, no, thanks, I am going to grab one inside right now." responded Sam. "I'm not talking about that garbage, I'm talking great coffee here, you know, the real stuff and a lot cheaper than what you can get in there," said the voice, as it looked furtively from side to side. "you need to ramble on over to the Golden Arches', tell'em Joey sent ya,they'll hook you right up."

McDonalds, the number one restaurant company in the world, has squared... Read More

Almost ten years ago, a blond, petite doe eyed girl sauntered into the public eye. She swung her hips and chewed her pencil, waiting for the school bell to free her from her daunting Catholic education and allow her to change into a sports bra and tell us "my loneliness is killing me".

She just wanted to dance.

Fast forward to today, when that same schoolgirl vixen has morphed into a troubled young mother, a tabloid cover girl and an obsession to many. Everywhere you look, news casters, bloggers and journalists are debating "What happened to Britney?". Meanwhile, we watch footage... Read More

So recently it seems that some sightings in Stephenville, Texas have caused a little stir. No one seems to know what they were, but one eye witness said the he could see two of our jets chasing after it. The military says they had nothing going on in the area, AT ALL-NOTHING. Okay well then, lets just chalk it up to a crazy unexplainable event. Now three days go by and the media is going crazy over it and the town is going alien crazy. Oh and the military comes out and says oh yeah we were having training with TEN F-16s in the area that night. How do you forget you have TEN F-16's in the area?... Read More

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Very emotional post, in fact. Personally I don't understand why so many students brings guns, knives to schools. Sometimes they squander study time because they don't like teachers, can't find a common language with them or afraid of some college assignments...

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