Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Judges must beware of hard constructions and strained inferences, for there is no worse torture than that of laws.

So wrote Sir Francis Bacon four hundred years ago. Not that much has changed; for some laws are torture and the interpretation of law even more tortuous, the interpretation specifically of the Human Rights Act. This legislation, part of the European Convention on Human Rights, was swallowed whole by the government of Tony Blair, which allowed it to pass into British law without any attempt at digestion. The result has been a huge stomach ache, with a headache added as a... Read More

By Amo

Unlike most of the leading candidates, Obama talks of unifying a troubled nation, speaking eloquently (much like Reagan), of his vision for America, his message of hope and change, resonates with his legends of young fans, and while all the candidates I assume are principled in their beliefs, only Obama seems able to transcend the negative discourse that now dominates the political landscape.

He doesn’t subscribe to the brand of hard-core politics that seems to be prevalent within both parties, he speaks of the issues with passion, yet without recrimination, he’s articulate... Read More

I moved to West Hollywood exactly a year ago, and so much has happened… Lindsey went to rehab. Paris chopped her hair off into a bob. The Intermix store opened on Robertson. Slash published his G ‘n’ R memoir, aptly titled “Slash.” Britney missed several depositions. Her sis, Jamie-Lynn became preggers. Fred Segal had a 90%-off sale. And it almost snowed. (Wait…that was somewhere else.)

Amidst the chaos, I’ve adjusted to LA, with all of its good and bad, but never boring, attributes. I’ve also absorbed a lot of useful knowledge. Here... Read More

I have on three separate occasions in the past week, been invited to go to the movies, and (as a result of recent events) had the time to spare. And on each of these three occasions I did not end up going to said movies, because there was literally nothing to see. Now I could wax poetic on why I would never ever go see Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Definitely, Maybe, or Hannah Montana in 3D – but I suppose that anyone who knows me (or at least knows me to the extent they’ve either read my previous pieces or skimmed my intentionally Spartan profile) will understand that the... Read More

A few hours after my boyfriend and I broke up I invested $59.95 on an online dating service. I am not a cold-hearted bitch or anything but my breakup theory has always been "the time you spend mourning over your old boyfriend is time you steal from your new boyfriend." And so the week that I was supposed to be eating boxes of milk chocolates and watching re-runs of Sex and the City, I was busy typing away.

I always thought love is something you shouldn't have to pay for, especially sixty bucks a month (I would have got a much better deal if I signed up for a year but I have commitment... Read More

As I reluctantly stood atop the twenty steps I had to descend daily in order to catch the train that would bring me to my daily grind, I attempted to put one foot in front of the other and suddenly...... I tripped! In the few agonizing minutes it took me to regain my composure and my footing, I realized, had I fallen, I probably would have plunged head first onto the hard linoleum flooring that awaited me at the bottom of the staircase. More importantly, I would have most assuredly suffered serious injuries, or worse, death. (As a result of my misstep, I sustained a bruised big toe that ached... Read More

By Jen

People keep reminding me that Valentines Day is coming up and it’s starting to annoy me. I don’t care about Valentines Day. I think Valentines Day is stupid. It sucks if you’re single because you are constantly reminded that you are single. It also sucks if you are not single because people keep asking you what you are going to do on Valentines Day. What is that? Why must we judge the man/men in our lives based on what he/they do or dont do for us on Valentines Day? Doesn’t May 12th count equally as much as February 14th? What if…on February 14th he (or you... Read More

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Very emotional post, in fact. Personally I don't understand why so many students brings guns, knives to schools. Sometimes they squander study time because they don't like teachers, can't find a common language with them or afraid of some college assignments...

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