Monday, August 20, 2018

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I Am Ali- Intimate Story of the Boxing Legend

Los Angeles- The heat has returned to Los Angeles once again. This is unusual, when you consider that we are several weeks into the Fall season, in the homestretch for the upcoming Holiday season. Residents had the option of going to Cooling Centers, Libraries, and the Mall or to the Movies to escape the heat.

I opted for the latter. I joined a group of baby boomers, oophs! Scratch that, I meant to say a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural group of Grownups for AARP The Magazine’s 2nd Annual Movies for Grownups Los Angeles Film Showcase.... Read More

IBF, Films Division, LAIFC (Los Angeles India Film Council) in association with iLEAD (Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship & Development) conducted a two day long seminar on “Emerging Opportunities in Television and Film Industry”.

The speakers for the event were Mr. Rafiq Gangjee, Vice President Marketing & Communications of Yash Raj Films; Mr. Bijay Khemka, Vice President of Film Federation of India; National Award winning Director Mr. Suman Ghosh; Mr. Arijit Dutta Managing Director of Priya Entertainments ; Mr. Uday Singh, Managing Director of Motion Picture Association,... Read More

1st Annual Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival's 2014 Film Poster Competition

The Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival is excited to announce it’s ever Film Poster Competition!

HBRFEST is honor to invite you to be part of this amazing contest! HBRFEST producers are looking for people to submit ideas for the 6th Hollywood Brazilian Film Festival. The HBRFEST producers will choose one winner and the winning poster will be displayed at the festival website, in all marketing materials and also sold at the screenings. In addition, audience members and online voters will have a chance... Read More

This discussion is about the authenticity of movie material converted from pop culture literature and thus, will delve into the often touchy, but unnecessarily so, subject of race. People tend to get defensive and put their guard up when the subject of race surfaces which, to me, is ridiculous. Clearly we are of one race (human) with many ethnicities and cultural diversity. To always hinge on this fact is pointless, but that said, there are instances when it needs to be discussed and I think film is one of them.

This discussion needs to happen because it seems to be a hot button issue... Read More

Blackbird Towers Over Pan African Film Festival Closing Night Gala

Los Angeles- The arrival of PAFF Closing Night Gala is a signal that our plane is making its final approach to the airport, our ship is heading to its final port and/or the train is heading down the stretch to the station. These are metaphors for our 12 day global journey through the Diaspora by way of cinema.

The 22nd Annual Pan African Film and Arts Festival Closing Night Gala official featured film were Blackbird, based on a novel by Larry Duplechan, directed by Patrik-Ian Polk.

Photographers and reporters... Read More

22nd Annual Pan African Film & Arts Festival

Los Angeles- All roads lead to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza and adjacent RAVE Theatres. This destination serves as the launch pad for a global journey through various countries: Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Brazil, Belgium, Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, and last but not least, the United States.

This visual journey through cinema has global appeal that will open the minds of audiences, and transport them to lands far away and back home again… without enduring... Read More

I know I'm a poor reader, but did I only get to Chapter Three of Harry Potter? No, it's worse than that, I didn't even start, but of course millions of Potterphiles did. They followed every one of the books and saw all the movies. J.K's life did, however, leave a lasting impression on me and she became the main teaching model that I used in The Life Cycles Revolution. I showed the exact way to compile a 'Life Chart' with her life. I only use available bio-data, as you know, and I correlate it with a range of 'Life Cycles' 'significant years'.. Did momentous events, milestones or breakthroughs... Read More

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