Friday, August 17, 2018

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Back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (a.k.a. “MGM”) was once the most glamorous of film studios, run with an iron fist by its co-founder, Louis B. Mayer. Today’s film studios are media conglomerates ruthlessly driven by profits and a bottom line – usually by a group of executives halfway across the country, if not halfway around the world. And despite today’s growing trend for film stars to command hefty salaries as well as a percentage of the film’s profits, having a big name fronting a movie doesn’t necessarily guarantee box office gold. In the last of this four-part... Read More

Tinseltown is larger than life, made famous not only by its celebrities but also by its iconic landmarks which shine like stalwart beacons beckoning to the masses of hungry tourists from every corner of the globe who are eager to have their images preserved for posterity – and posted on social media – silhouetted against these famous backdrops, giving them bragging rights to declare to the world at large, “I was there!”.In the second of this four-part series, we look at some of Hollywood’s most famous landmarks.

Arguably one of the most famous landmarks in the world, and certainly an... Read More

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of Russia's most sought after cinematographers, Egor Povolotskiy. Having received two coveted awards at the Rochester International Film Festival last year for his work on the film We Are Enemies, Povolotskiy's brilliant use of lighting and camera placement in this film and others make it easy to see why he continues to be tapped to use his creative expertise on films across continents. In Ilya Rozhkov's We Are Enemies, Povolotskiy's superior talents shine through on the screen brilliantly.

Not only does the fluidity and precision of each... Read More

"Take a seat be moved," scrolls across the 2015 SR Socially Relevant Film Festival NY website; the festival where director Liliya Anisimova's most recent documentary feature Love Is the Highest Law screened last Friday.

Maybe it's Anisimova's long history as a television news journalist for Russian media outlets like Teleinform and Moscow Doverie that has given her the knowledge of what "socially relevant" really means in the eyes of an audience; but, regardless of where her capacity for creating impactful films came from, the point is, she has it.

Captivated by the unique lives... Read More

This past weekend, my husband and I went to see American Sniper, the 2014 biographical war drama film based on the book, American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History written by Chris Kyle, with Scott McEwen and Jim DeFelice. My husband had looked forward to seeing the movie. Me – not so much. As a writer of mystery novels, I’m no stranger to “offing” my characters in inventive ways but I’m nevertheless the kind of gal who still yearns for happy endings and prefers to watch a movie without having to keep tabs on a growing body count (something that didn’t... Read More

Barbados & Caribbean Comes to Hollywood: Vigilante the Crossing

The Pan African Film and Arts Festival is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, February 5-16, 2015 at RAVE Cinemas Baldwin Hills 15, and the adjacent Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.

Vigilante The Crossing is an Action Drama, directed by Marcia Weekes. The cast of the movie consist of Kirk Brown, Malissa Alanna, Alyson Sealy-Smith, Peter Boyce, Shawn M. Hercules, Claudette Wadman, Adrian Greene, Kaye Foster, David Gill, Patrick Foster, Julie Chaldbaud, Levi King, Gavin Fernandez, Tricia Matthias, Rico Boyce and... Read More


Very dark humor was Billy colored in this dispirited early macabre movie of a guy with so many demons had he lived in a shoe he would have had to accommodate so many petulant demons of his sole purpose to con, while his drunken soul disintergrates. 'The old woman that lived in a shoe' (nursery rhyme) with so many needy children; her dilemma was a cakewalk compared to the conman Santa and his little upstart no-good helper. Chuck in a little fat hopeless kid yearning to be accepted by Billy and tormenting bullying kids, you are privy to an unusual... Read More

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Q & A with Award Winning Cinematographer Egor Povolotskiy

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