Sunday, February 25, 2018

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If you've been in the loop of what's hot, what's new and what is the latest and greatest, you must have been in earshot of several discussions of the great "Secret". But what is the Secret? It started as a small production that was mainly passed along through the internet in 2006. Eventually, by word of mouth and "power of mind", it began to pick up steam almost exponentially. Currently, the DVD has just started being sold in stores and was recently featured on Oprah. It has now become a near-phenomenon. Sales have sky-rocketed and stores can barely keep copies on the shelves. What is all... Read More

Will Smith's new movie opened this week, "Pursuit of Happyness." Prior to going, I looked up this movie to read the reviews and one review in particular caught my eye, it said, "dangerously close to being a movie about homelessness." It was a wonderful movie! The emotions, pain, sense of helplessness, the desire to succeed came through. It had a happy ending. I won't go too much into detail, in case you want to see it, but I felt an amazing connection to this movie. I saw myself in this character. Having moved out of my home at an early age to make my way in the world, I was not prepared... Read More

I recently came a across a small gem, hidden amongst the other “foreign” films carelessly tossed on a secluded shelf, collecting dust. I have usually been forced to buy certain hard to find movies before ever seeing them because the local Hollywood Video has a more main stream selection. The cover was quite striking and that is usually a good precursor. The word Irreversible runs vertically down the left side of the cover with a woman standing to the right of it. That woman was what caught my attention. In front of a black backdrop, cast in shadow, staring, longingly maybe, off into the distance.... Read More

We rifled through his slide out VHS drawers and absorbed all the classics: Terminator, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Stand by Me, Mad Max - the list goes on. One afternoon as I was going through the massive collection of films, I pulled one out from the darkest corner of the shelf. The cover? A Chainsaw wielding madman; "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Now, before I continue allow me to extend a slightly digressive preamble. I was a morbid child. Without any particular outside influences, my interests were involved in monster books, monster illustrations and monster folklore (anyone remember... Read More

I saw World Trade Center by Oliver Stone last Friday at the Loews Marina on Maxella Ave. I was quite excited about seeing this movie because I usually like Oliver Stone's movies and I was very curious to see what he would do with such a sensitive topic. Unlike most of my friends I found the trailers pretty promising and it's for this reason that I dragged my reluctant girlfriend to the theater to make my own opinion. My first surprise was to see that the theater was rather empty for a first Friday night and a movie dealing with 9/11 starring Nicolas Cage. Anyways, on to the actual movie. The... Read More

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