Thursday, December 13, 2018

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20th Century Fox

Directed by Peter Yates

Written by Tom Mankiewicz and Stephen Manes

Produced by Joseph R. Barbera

One of the reasons I love cable/satellite stations like Fox Movie Channel and Turner Classic Movies among others is that they show movies I haven’t seen for 10 or 20 years and have usually forgotten (even though The Wife makes a nice little bundle on the side betting people that there hasn’t been a movie I’ve seen that I’ve forgotten) or ignored for one reason... Read More




Directed by William Wellman

Produced by Dore Schary

Written by Charles Schnee

Based on a story by Frank Capra

Here’s a movie that even fans of movies in general and westerns in particular have told me they’ve never seen or heard of when I mention it and I can well understand why. WESTWARD THE WOMEN is by no means a traditional western and every time I watch it I’m kinda amazed that it was made in 1951 since the story is told in such a raw, unglamourized fashion. It features women and minorities prominently in the... Read More

As I reviewed THE MUSIC KILLER, I knew that somewhere lurking in the shadows, Hitchcock, Serling and King were snickering at me as I peered up at the screen from beneath a theatre seat. Just you wait! The portrayal of The Music Killer by Justin Melick will have you crying for your mommy......

The Story Line....

According to Harlan Cross(The Killer), he didn't murder his wife, he simply corrected the mistake she had made. It seems that Mrs. Cross had committed sin with another man, a sin which had resulted in her being with child, a boy as it were. In his defense, Harlan... Read More

So when I was 13, I was introduced to the world of vampires through the movie The Lost Boys. Now, when I was 13, this movie may have been the coolest movie I had seen up to that time. For a boy of that age, it was oozing with coolness and just made you want to become a vampire, even if it meant dealing with longer finger nails, bad breath, and sleeping all day. At the time, it would not have changed the way my summer was passing anyway.Rewatching the movie has not really changed anything for me. I still think it is simmering in a nice coolness broth that keeps the movie afloat and makes you... Read More

1985Orion PicturesDirected by Guy HamiltonProduced by Larry Spiegel and Dick ClarkScreenplay by Christopher WoodBased on “The Destroyer” created by Warren Murphy and Richard SapirIn the 1970’s there was a revival of pulp adventure heroes of the 1930’s and 1940’s and the paperback racks in bookstores were stuffed with novels reprinting the adventures of such classic characters like Doc Savage, The Shadow, Conan The Barbarian, G-8 And His Battle Aces and The Spider. They were helped along by breathtakingly beautiful covers done by legends of the art world such as James Bama, Jim Steranko and... Read More

“Did, you hear the latest rumor, Angelina Jolie will be Catwoman.”

“I heard it was going to be Johnny Depp as the Riddler.”

“Nah, Phillip Seymour Hoffman will be the Penguin.”

And, it begins.

The speculations and the rumors have already begun to shadow the next Batman sequel before we have already put The Dark Knight to bed. But is Hollywood ready to embrace the dark vision that is the heart of the Batman mythos or will it succumb to tired and true name brand recognition that had ruined the franchise in the past?

Sure, The Dark Knight was one of the best adaptations... Read More

1984 Zoetrope StudiosDirected by Francis Ford CoppolaProduced by Robert EvansStory And Screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola, William Kennedy and Mario Puzo It seems as if anytime movie fans get together and talk about great gangster/crime movies they’ll mention “The Godfather Trilogy” “Scarface” “Bonnie & Clyde” ”The Untouchables” “Once Upon A Time In America” “Goodfellas” or “Miller’s Crossing” just to name some of my own favorites off the top of my head but nobody ever seems to mention THE COTTON CLUB which is kinda surprising considering that it was directed by Francis Ford Coppola who... Read More

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