Friday, July 20, 2018

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Sonja Dunson, a former Miss Michigan, wrote, produced, and co-starred in the film You Can't Buy Love, due out soon. Via phone, Sonja discussed the film, the music on the soundtrack, and being blacklisted by Lew Wasserman.

Tell me about the story and creation of your film You Can't Buy Love.

I have been in the business since I was a little girl. I've had my SAG and AFTRA cards since I was eight or nine years old. I did everything I could do in the state of Michigan. I'm from Detroit. I was Miss Michigan in the Miss USA Universe contest. I came to Los Angeles. After I arrived,... Read More

Set in the scenic beauty of Scotland, in a beautiful estate located at Purple Lake, Three-love, lies and betrayal is a film about three individuals and what happens in the house. This thriller is directed by Vishal Pandya, the young protégé of Mr.Vikram Bhatt. The film is about Mrs Anjani Dutt (Nausheen Ali Sardar), a violin teacher who runs her house, while her husband Akshay Kapoor (Mr.Rajiv Dutt) is a struggling software Engineer. They live in a beautiful estate which is owned by Anjani (inherited by her from her late parents) who is a frustrated working woman,... Read More

Viewers wanting to see "Knowing" staring Nicholas Cage might expect a film not all that different from his "National Treasure" series or even perhaps "The Da Vinci Code" as from advertisements the story appears to center around an aged parchment with a series of numbers scribbled across it that seemingly predicts a series of disasters. However, by the film's conclusion, the apocalyptic symbolism alluded to is much more complex and potentially confusing than one might initially suspect.

After a series of catastrophes Cage's astrophysicist character witnesses as a result of deciphering... Read More

Two years ago I answered a Craigslist ad to view a documentary about the Dalai Llama. I was interested in Tibetand the exile of the Dalai Lama. I fully expected it to be held in a large cinema setting, but instead it was held at the Director’s (Khashyar Darvich) apartment with about 10 other people who had answered the similar ad, surprisingly none of them in the “industry”. He was looking for input as it was in editing mode. There was no narrator, there was no background music. Raw footage. This was a version that he was working on and it contained many people from What the Bleep!? I knew... Read More

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS2004UniversalDirected by Peter BergProduced by Brian GrazerScreenplay by Peter Berg and David Aaron CohenBased on the book: “Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Dream And A Team” by H.G. BissingerI’m not a football guy at all. My sports are baseball, boxing and tennis. I can understand the complexities of Star Trek technobabble or Pre-Crisis DC Comics continuity with no problem but trying to understand the rules of football makes me feel like the village idiot. Oh, if you invite me over to your house to watch a game with you, I’ll show up gladly with... Read More

I find Edgar G. Ulmer’s 1934 film adaptation of Edgar Alan Poe’s short story The Black Cat, recently presented by the Stanford Theater in Palo Alto, CA, an example of how the concepts of high and low art are interchangeable, notably with respect to a progression in time and the subsequent change in an art form’s style definitive of a specific period.

The film was shot and distributed on behalf of Universal Studios to vast audiences during the thirties, a time when a financially torn America found itself begging for a glimmer of hope from a trustworthy face, and that face usually belonged... Read More

All right, so I’m several weeks late to this party. I finally saw the Transformers movie last night. I can’t believe this was the movie I was so looking forward to months ago. Unfortunately the experience was much like going to a party, given by one of your parents’ friends – you had to go, the party was okay, but staying home could of also worked out fine.This Transformers movie serves as a case study for a common Hollywood fallacy that dictates, “More is better.” In this case more comedy, more explosions, and more robots didn’t make a more enjoyable... Read More

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