Friday, February 23, 2018

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I love this movie. I’m going to go see it again, and then maybe one more time. It’s a chick flick with no romantic interest. Go figure. That alone makes it unique. It’s the story of David and Goliath, only they are baseball teams. It’s the story of a broken family. It’s a story of dreams unfulfilled. It’s a story about working together. It’s a story about believing you are right when there is no precedent for your ideas. So many stories, so little time—and yet they all unfold in a seemingly unhurried way with no loose ends. No easy task.

First, and I must confess to not following baseball,... Read More

Before I provide my readers with a full review of Zaritsas: Russian Women in New York, I'd like to give New Yorker-Russian Filmmaker Elena Beloff a shout out. I recently placed an instrumental piece "Quiet & Wine", in her new documentary Zaritsas. The film was produced by Vincent D'onofrio.


The filmmaker Elena Beloff is a Russian woman who has lived in New York for ten years. Her film explores stereotypes of Russian women which emerged in the 1990’s, unfortunate stereotypes that arose from the media and hearsay. Elena’s method was to follow five Russian women for... Read More

When Twilight, the four part novel written by Stephanie Meyer first appeared as a book in 2005, then in film in 2008, similarities between this story and other legends and myths were evoked. One tale that comes to mind is of the young maiden Persephone, kidnapped by Hades and brought to the underworld to be his consort and queen.

The legend has always had the appeal of an epic conflict that proliferates over her abduction. Demeter, her mother, goddess of fertility, is so overcome by emotion, she becomes vengeful, refusing to let anything live or grow. Begrudgingly, Hades agrees... Read More

Ben Stiller's new movie with Eddie Murphy “Tower Heist” is fun and entertaining to watch.

"Tower Heist" is well casted and includes names like:

Alan Alda, of M*A*S*H – (as the greedy villain).Eddie Murphy, who I believe needs no introduction – plays the thief that agrees to help them steal their money back. Matthew Broderick, known from Ferris Bueller’ Day Off (as a sad-sack Wall Street victim).

Casey Affleck, known for his role in “Good Will Hunting”, (as concierge).

Gabourey Sidibe, blew everyone away in her role in “Precious” (as Odessa the safecracking maid).

... Read More

I went to see The Help yesterday, the day it premiered in London. I imagine there is little point in saying this, but for those who have not seen it, or not heard of it (well, there might be a few!), it’s a comedy drama set in the segregated South of the sixties, based on Kathyrn Stockett’s novel of the same name.

It’s my kind of movie, one that deals with serious and interesting themes in an adult way, one that has a serious and interesting story to tell, one that’s so much more a shallow fest of special effects or tiresome thrills. I would have gone to see it at some point though perhaps... Read More

he perils of a celebrity life...

You may not be familiar with the name,Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, or the scandal that ended his movie career; but read closely and I'm sure you'll discover a familiar tale.

Arbuckle was born in Smith Center, Kansas on March 24, 1887. He was one of nine children. Because of his beautiful singing voice, his mother encouraged him at an early age to pursue work in theater. Arbuckle joined the vaudvile circuit in 1906, joining the Pantages Theatre Group and touring all over the country. But it was his silent screen career that would earn him fame and fortune.

... Read More

Paranormal Activity 3 a movie about 2 sisters trying to make sense of supernatural events that they experienced as children turned "the heads" of U.S. box office sales, reversing its more than 2-month slump by doing massive ticket sales of $26.2 million opening day.

Paranormal Activity 3 scored the best single-day opening since Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 back in July which did $90.1 million opening day.

The key for the box office will be for Paranormal Activity 3 not to drop like an anchor after its first few... Read More

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