Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Interview with Chief Four Eyes the REAL original occupational 'owner' of America. RIGINAL.

Studio CNN: World's most favorite interviewer M.E. sitting talking to a very wise Indian, 104- tear- old Chief Four Eyes who is smoking his pace pipe...the pipe that keeps his pace-maker piping in order for his weary heart to bang on. He is a proud man who speaks his mind and doesn't waver under the buffalo bull heaped upon his fellow race.

M.E.:" People of America,hardworking and honest citizens one and all and let's not forget Congress which has made us all what we are today. However Congress... Read More


Read a little piece in the local rag,i think they call them newscrapers. It's like a sheet of paper with verbal imprints on same.Used to wipe our bottoms with them when we were kids, after reading. Think the dwindling readers of such are more inclined to wipe prior to reading these days.Then i read the 'bottom line' somewhere in a health mag stating that the ink in the print could cause bowel cancer.Same with aluminium pots.Al leaches into the food you cook which in turn has a propensity to cause memory loss etc which in turn can make you dysfunctional. Dis true?... Read More

I didn’t plan this journey. Every journey has a beginning and a perceived ending – destination. But this one? I didn’t know where it originated and therefore I had no idea where it would end.

On a cool May morning in 1998, I collapsed at the super market in our community and was rushed to Hilltop Hospital, a private medical center. At the hospital, I was diagnosed with cerebral malaria, treated, and discharged after three days. Within a week of recuperation at home, I was back at the hospital, diagnosed with meningitis. The earlier cerebral malaria diagnosis was incorrect. After six... Read More

I’m met at the airstrip by Toi my guide, with a vice-like handshake and welcoming lei of yellow bougainvillea draped around my neck. Two skinny girls in grass skirts and goosebumps serenade to the strains of a ukulele played by a man in a knitted jacket over an Hawaiian shirt. It’s winter on Easter Island.

Toi’s home is on the coast, by the main village of Hanga Roa. He swaggers around his clapped-out Kombi, kicking tyres with dusty sandaled feet. “The roads, they are no good here. I must be checking for tomorrow.”

That night we walk a beach strewn with stranded sea cucumbers... Read More


This image brings the tears and memories back

I have been wanting to do this blog for a while and plucked up the courage after a chat with someone today who had a story to tell of their own

So thank you to them for their discussion with me on how hard it was for them on that day and what memories they have, they were honest and still 12 years on you could feel the hurt

I was just back from picking my kids up from School, my two sons who were at primary school, aged 8 and 10 and I walked in the... Read More

On my last night in Prague, I’m dining with Bohdan at the Jindrisska belltower; a rustic restaurant occupying the top three floors. Panoramic views span the famous `one hundred spires’. Just above us hangs the c1518 St Mary’s Bell, our tiny table and chairs tucked between great Gothic beams. A flickering candle catches empty pilsner bottles and throws shadows on dark wooden walls. We’re eating rare venison in red wine, wild boar, potatoes and asparagus spears.

Bohdan is a busker and a bear of a man; close cropped hair, a still boyish face and an incongruous grey bush of a beard. Most... Read More

I’m back in Johannesburg for an extended African stay, after an absence of over 35 years. There's no immigration paperwork, and I'm simply issued a visa at the airport. From Perth it's been an 11hr flight, across the Indian Ocean, skirting Mauritius and Mozambique.

The city is waking to another sky of azure blue, the signature of a high veldt winter. But there are looming clouds: the uncertain health of the elder statesman Nelson Mandela, a remarkable man having once inspired a young Barack Obama to urge his college board of trustees to divest South African investments as a protest against... Read More

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