Sunday, October 22, 2017

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A guy has fallen on hard times, huddled under gentrified tenement stairs; on one side his clapped-out shopping trolley bound by trash bins and black cast iron pickets. The stairs span from streetside pavement up to an ornate doorway, moulded guardian face glowering overhead.

He seems in his 60s, but his real years are anyone’s guess. One day I ask, but my question is met with a non-committal nod of his grey face and averted blue eyes. The voice is a low cigarette-drenched rumble, sentences broken with a retching hack of a cough.

“Yeah, times are not so good buddy; rents are steep.”... Read More

I have always thought that history was a matter of fact. Past events that happened, retold in the present or documented for future reference. Of course, I was aware of the old saying...proven true through investigation, that history is written by the victors. Simply put, if you have two groups at violent odds with each other, and one wipes the other out...the surviving group can write or say anything about the other side, and there would be nobody to say differently. History, as designated by the whims of a particular group. I had never seen this actually happen...until now.

Let me be... Read More

Remembering Lockerbie: Wednesday, 21st December, 1988.


Pan Am Flight 103 was a transatlantic flight from London Heathrow Airport to John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York. The aircraft was destroyed by a bomb on Wednesday, 21 December 1988, killingall 243 passengers and 16 crew members. The aircraft operating the flight was a Boeing 747 named ‘Clipper Maid of the Seas’. The flight originated in Frankfurt, West Germany, and ‘Maid of the Seas’ was to take the passengers onward from Heathrow, London, to Queens, New York.

The bomb exploded as ‘Maid of... Read More

Writing is a very personal journey but the destination is much more public if you want to be published. Commitment, imagination and determination are the lifeblood of authors. It is what drives them to succeed and describes the stuff of dreams.

Somewhere between the first tap of the keyboard and that final full stop lies a thousand unspoken questions about what one might do with the finished work, and whether you will succeed if you are ever published. In the beginning planning is a crucial element since research, mind wrestling, plotting and crafting, are key components of that piece... Read More


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This is a tale that a soldier told me many years ago when I was a younger man.

I did not think him to be a hero when he divulged an account of the battle he had fought. Neither did I consider him as special in any way. He was a chap who was always there for his family no matter what happened. As an individual, he went out to work to bring money home so that his kin might eat, drink, and enjoy the wonderful life he made for them. He was just an ordinary man really.

But as he grew older and finally declined from the evils of the war he had fought,... Read More

Interview with Chief Four Eyes the REAL original occupational 'owner' of America. RIGINAL.

Studio CNN: World's most favorite interviewer M.E. sitting talking to a very wise Indian, 104- tear- old Chief Four Eyes who is smoking his pace pipe...the pipe that keeps his pace-maker piping in order for his weary heart to bang on. He is a proud man who speaks his mind and doesn't waver under the buffalo bull heaped upon his fellow race.

M.E.:" People of America,hardworking and honest citizens one and all and let's not forget Congress which has made us all what we are today. However Congress... Read More


Read a little piece in the local rag,i think they call them newscrapers. It's like a sheet of paper with verbal imprints on same.Used to wipe our bottoms with them when we were kids, after reading. Think the dwindling readers of such are more inclined to wipe prior to reading these days.Then i read the 'bottom line' somewhere in a health mag stating that the ink in the print could cause bowel cancer.Same with aluminium pots.Al leaches into the food you cook which in turn has a propensity to cause memory loss etc which in turn can make you dysfunctional. Dis true?... Read More

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