Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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I am articulate. Words flow with ease, especially when I am upset. I have even I talked my way out of a rape.

I had walked home from the university, my arms filled with books and turned to walk towards the house I shared with four other girls. I barely glanced at the pick-up truck parked right in front of our sidewalk. A tall, athletic young man poked his head from under the opened hood and called out.

"Would you mind giving me a hand? I need someone to turn the key while I attach some wires together."

I considered dropping off my books inside and letting my friends know... Read More

Every time I hear a school bell, it grounds me to who I once was, who I became, and therefore, who I now am. Like a mother’s heartbeat, it fills me with a sense of security. It once gave me the boundaries of my school day: asserting itself vigorously when we began at 8.45 a.m., lowering its tone to a “silent bell” when we filed into the chapel, it shifted my mind from subject to subject during the day by demarcating the “periods”, releasing me temporarily to the tuck shop for maalu paan (fish roll), pol toffee (coconut candy) or bulto (a solidified treacly candy) during the “intervals”, and... Read More

When I was a boy I was playing in the yard with my friend from across the street. He got a puppy for Christmas and it dug a hole deep enough to crawl under the fence and escape the back yard. As it ran across the street to play with us, a car innocently hit it, and then not so innocently sped away. My friend and I were devastated. We ran to the puppy that lay yelping and trembling in a puddle of its blood like a crumpled pinata. "Dad! Dad," my friend yelled. My friend's dad was an alcoholic who stayed home drinking while his wife worked. Although a nice man, one who spoke kindly to his son... Read More

Time alienates us from the past and the memories take a back seat, I never felt that before, till I received the news of death of one of our course mate. He was the one, who toiled with us during pre-commission training at OTS Madras in 1981. Life does behave as we expect but it surely entraps us in uncompromising terms with a question that how can so easily we forget our own buddies. If life sucks, it still couldn’t hold the indomitable bonds and connection of the ones who shared their grief at the available forum by which they could convey their condolences. My Dear Friends, few of us with... Read More

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Situated at the far end of Lake Geneva, Chateau de Chillon is a place of prime tourist interest around Geneva. The highway from Geneva takes one past Lausanne and Montreux to more than eight hundred years old Chateau. It is supposed to be the prettiest Swiss chateau, located as it is on a rocky outcrop on the banks of the Lake close to the French border. Some say it dates back to Roman times but its construction seems to have begun around nine hundred years ago. It was owned by three different nobilities during different periods of history – the House of Savoy, the Berenese and Vaud. It was... Read More

In a mood, to redraft time, that has gone and with that many others too, who were part of my life…I am collecting them in my thoughts…They are no more here and from the fallen times, I am plucking the memories and placing each one to recreate life back, which time has taken away from me…They are no more here and I am left behind to go through the episodic orchestration of memories in its most eloquent urgency…I am breathing for space with time, which has gone. I am encountering memories with reasonable decency to accept that they are no more here with me…But still wish to partake with my memories... Read More

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