Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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When Law-making (Legislature), Law-executing (Government) and Law-adjudicating (Courts) bodies are protecting the women by enacting strong Anti-Rape laws and by involving themselves in the personal lives of the citizens by enacting, executing and adjudicating the laws pertaining to their Family/Post-Matrimonial lives as regulatory bodies at different levels, why all the three bodies of the state, are not reckoning it as their responsibility to interfere in the pre-matrimonial lives of the people also, to avert after marriage nuisances and after marriage and family disputes. Such as by performing... Read More

The world of luxury is the fastest growing segment of the world economy, with companies routinely releasing offerings that are so outrageous that one has to ask whether the product is a “marketing ploy” to draw attention to the brand or the “real deal”.

The Mighty Boom Ball, released today, falls into the category of mind blowing technological innovations. It is being heralded as the world’s smallest and most expensive vibrational speaker released.

The special edition marvel is comes encased in 28 karat white gold and, despite being 3.5 cm, is encrusted with 515 dazzling... Read More

Those of y'all who were regulars or even know me in real life already know that I find it quite sad that I have to be responsible for Other People's Children while I am at work. Having 3 children of my own of various ages and a young grand daughter I would like to say I have a little experience raising children. I see, in life in general, that many parents don't take the time to teach their children how to act in the real world or when they have a job. I know I cannot be the only person alive that has witnessed young adults in the workplace who need a babysitter to help them get through... Read More

Learning to write, speak, express, and socialize well are some of the most valuable items a person can conquer. They aren’t easily learned, oftentimes taking lots of time and pain to master, but once properly accomplished, they can benefit both your personal and professional life in so many ways.

Let’s start with writing. Since I began learning the art of creating stories, I’ve been enduring a crash course in grammar, language, punctuation, and dialogue. Anytime I sit down to place together a series of words, I make a repetitive, conscious effort to spell check, re-read, re-examine,... Read More

Their symptoms are just as real as what women go through in “menopause”, and “andropause” is just as taboo, if not more so. Talking about ones change of life, be they male or female, and all its myriad issues, is by far the most difficult conversation to have, even among [close] couples that have been married many years.

The symptoms of Andropause experienced by men will vary: decreased energy and libido (lack of interest in sex and/or erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone levels) obvious muscle aches, not able to get a good night’s sleep, and, yes, even hot flashes, night sweats... Read More

If you're having problems getting into the site it isn't you, it's Twitter or for some a vast, right-wing conspiracy.

Twitter reports in a blog post, from 2 hours ago, that “some users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter.” The company says engineers are working to “resolve the issue.” Twitter’s Developers site reports that there is a “service disruption.” Users have reported issues throughout the afternoon and they are continuing into the evening.

The social collaboration site experienced extremely high traffic when Barack Obama was publicly sworn in as president.... Read More

A woman knows when she’s reached that age of transition in life—our middle earth, Menopause—when she and her girlfriends can sit to shoot the breeze about the kids, the budget, the weather, and food and sex as if they belong under the same category.

Take, for instance, a piece of velvety rich, chocolaty fudge, so silky on the tongue—pleasurably delicious—“it is as satisfying as an orgasm,” this, a friend recently told me. We laughed! But then I couldn’t help but ponder on this new revelation, never having given this much thought before. I had to agree. How could I argue!

Without-a-doubt... Read More

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