Saturday, October 21, 2017

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In West Virginia a Pentecostal pastor used poisonous snakes during religious services died of a rattlesnake bite.

Mack Wolford, who had just turned 44, died from a snake bite. He had owned the snake for years, reports the Washington Post. Mark Wolfordlived with poisonous snakes in his Bluefield, West Virginia home.

He was bitten while holding an outdoor service at a state park he had hoped would be a "homecoming like in the old days," filled with people speaking in tongues, handling snakes and having a "great time," he said on his Facebook page.

“Praise the Lord... Read More

OUR SOCIETY: Employment and Marriage for middle-class Men has become a very difficult task now a days particularly for those holding conventional Arts or Social Science degrees. Employment and marriages prospects are very bleak for Conventional Degree holders like B.A/MA., B.Com/, B.Sc./M.Sc and unless one gets a government job, life becomes miserable to do employment in Private Companies, because salaries even for petty clerical jobs will not be given on time. Moreover private companies give first preference for women for employment in their Offices rather than men even for petty jobs... Read More

A couple of lines in Broowaha writer Randy Mitchell’s “Image is not everything” article went on like this: “My husband has never made enough money for me to be happy, I wish he’d change jobs or do something else”… the words were spoken in a disappointing almost in angry tone…. perhaps his lack of money and earning power had caused her to become bitter and resentful. Further the words “I wonder how long my marriage would last if I were to loose my job?” impressed me equally. That means he is suspecting that if he is to lose his job his wife will leave him. So the relationships have become that... Read More

Social dynamics are rampant and today’s social values are obsolete for tomorrow, as modern generation minds with pre-occupied business motives viewing every aspect of life from business point including the matrimonial and family issues. How much ‘cash’ you are getting monthly or per annum is the fundamental question of any bride’s father to groom, instead of asking what is your “character”. Back ground character is the least bothered aspects now a days in matrimonial aspects. And subsequently in post-marital lives characters incompatibility or short-temperments automatically leads to Divorce.... Read More

Honesty and conscientiousness are required to look into and discuss on the social issues “as it is”, based on the facts. Hypocracy should not come in the way to conceal the facts on real life-styles what we are practicing that is far away from what we speak and boast about our great orthodox culture and traditions. Social change is visible to our eyes very clearly in all walks of our life. But, what is being projected to the outside world over our grate traditions and culture is quite different from our real domestic life-styles and social change that has undergone in our urban societies and... Read More

Oh I know all you dog lovers out there are yelling, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Doesn't matter cause I am right.

People need to wake up and see the value of these beautiful animals.

They need to become responsible companions to cats.

The first thing is they need to see a cat as a sentient being. A cat can and DOES feel pain. A cat can and DOES feel fear.

Cats can be sad and depressed, they can love.

Cat's care for each other and their humans.

A cat that is treated like a member of the family will behave like a member of the family, just like a dog... Read More

Since I have been on my own, I have moved quite a few times. I have also helped other people pack a few times so I have learned a thing or two about packing. Am I a pro yet? Nope but I thought I would share some of the things I have learned and a few tricks.

Wrapping breakables

First, the myth about newspaper to wrap fragile stuff. I avoid newspaper like the plague. I found out after only one move that wrapping things in newspaper makes them dirty and sometimes stains them. I have since never used newspaper to wrap my things, not when there are so many more options.

... Read More

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