Saturday, October 21, 2017

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To put it slightly differently, plastic surgery is essentially reconstructive. The plastic surgeon tries to restore not only form but, more importantly, function. The basic techniques used are the same as in any other form of surgery.

Skin cancer is eminently amenable to permanent cure by plastic surgery as well as by several other means, leaving a presentable and satisfactory result.

For internal cancer, involving massive or deforming removal of tissue, plastic surgery is particularly required to restore or minimise the defect, thereby enabling the patient... Read More

Be honest with yourself for a second - how much alcohol do you drink every week? Do you even know? The vast majority of people don’t keep track of their intake, so there’s a good chance you won’t have a clue.

And this is one of the biggest problems with drinking booze. Unless you are keeping strict tabs on your habit, it might well turn into an addiction. It can creep up on you slowly - and before you know it you have a problem. Which, as a drinker, you won’t admit to yourself, of course.

That said, there are a few signs that you should watch out for that might give you a clue... Read More

Tying the knot is the dream moment for one and all and couples wish to make it memorable not only for them but to all invitees as well. A very large list of preparations are planned and no-one leaves any stone unturned to achieve perfection in their marriage ceremony. Your wedding card plays a vital role in these all celebration preparations as this is your first chance to impress your guests. Your wedding invitation card is like the cover of any book which offers a summarized information about your ceremony. So, choosing right type of invitation becomes more significant here.

Although... Read More

There is just one place that is like no other place, that one place that gives you that magical feeling of a pilgrim who finally arrives at his/her destination after days and days of wandering, that arm waiting for you after you have had a rough and hectic day, that place that puts you in shape. wondering what I am talking about? Its home.

That is why there is no other place that deserves that perfect sense of elegance, style, and class than your first personal contact point at home – your living room, and you would agree with me that one of the important components that gives life... Read More

Marriages are always special for everyone whether it is a celebrity or a common man. There are several associated factors with any wedding ceremony, which determine its success or failure. Wedding card is one among those very significant elements determining the success. The invitation becomes more important when you realize that its going to show first glimpse of your ceremony to the invitees. With the latest updates in technologies, the printing style of invitations allows couple to choose something unique and different in their marriage. We'll discuss about one of such printing style here,... Read More

Architecture is always about details. The attention to detail is what separates good architecture from the rest. It is also very interesting to look at the best buildings and admire the details on their exterior and interior. Architectural detailing is an important part in creating a beautiful interior. Aside from spending time on furnishings and layout, there are a few reasons why architectural detailing can do so much.

What is Architectural Detailing? You can see architectural detailing around your house. The details are not always obvious, but these subtle elements often change the... Read More

So. It’s that time of year again, and there’s no real way to avoid it if you want to be responsible: it’s time to go and visit your dentist. Leading dentist and expert in a variety of different dental specialisms, Dr Paige Woods, has her own dental practice that is based in San Diego and has the pleasure of seeing a lot of people on an annual or bi-annual basis, but she has noticed that there are several patients that simply do not make the most out of their visits – and then often have to come back in a few months time because they simply didn’t get everything done that they wanted to originally.... Read More

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