Thursday, March 22, 2018

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Do you miss the old gang? It’s easy to lose touch with the people you love. Then again, in the internet era, it’s also easier than ever to track down someone you haven’t seen in a while. Here are five tips for looking up old friends.

Public Records

Image via Flickr by Raelene G

When you try to find someone, your first step is likely to search on Facebook or Google. When that doesn’t work, you’ll have to work harder to track down your loved one. Your next step is to search public records. Many government services have built online databases for this purpose.

The first thing... Read More

People use different fittings and accessories to make interior more appealing and attractive. There are many advantages of using carpets for the floor. In many houses in cold countries they use carpets to the floor because it helps in keeping the house warm especially during winter seasons. It makes a house feel more comfortable and also cosy because of carpets being used on the floor. It reduces damages done in minor accidents at houses like slipping on the floor etc. as it makes the floor less tough. The carpets add a luxurious effect to the interior depending on the designs and colours of... Read More

All smart Galaxy S7 owners know that Samsung cases are nothing less than essential. It’s easy to think that you can keep your phone safe without one, but the reality rarely matches up. While we might be extra careful to prevent our phone dropping or getting wet, we can’t control what the people around us do.

No matter how tightly you hold your phone in your hand, someone might bump into you, and whoosh, your S7 is sailing through the air! Within a second or two, it’s crashed to the ground. If you’re lucky, you’ll just have a cracked screen. But the worst case scenario is that your phone... Read More

Who doesn't like having a tool easily in reach and is helpful too? Everyone likes which is the reason why we have various multi-tool sets. Nowadays, here are many multi-tools available in the market. They either serve no needs, or they can't be taken to places quickly because they are too bulky and uncomfortable. This is the exact reason why micro multi-tools come into use. Gerber Dime Micro Tool is one such micro tool from a popular brand, and many people are already in love with it.


Gerber Dime is a reliable multi-tool designed meeting the expectations of people, and it is... Read More

Extra-curricular activities play an important role in the growth and development of individuals of all ages. These activities allow you to remain physically fit in a fun and enjoyable manner. Whereas people turn some of these engagements into a full time or part time profession, you can use them to pass time during weekends. Here are some examples of seven most popular extra curricular to do on weekends in 2017.


I find football to be the most popular extracurricular activity to do on weekends. The advantage with soccer is that the rules for the game are not difficult.... Read More

Corrugated roofs get leaked when not repaired for a long time. A new corrugated roof can also get leaked if a hard and sharp material object hits it. Installing a whole new roof is an expensive solution but repairing can be done within a limited budget. Also leaking corrugated roof can be repaired without hiring any professionals. You can do so by yourselves at home. There are different ways in which a corrugated roof can be repaired.

5 steps to repair a leaking corrugated roof:

Access roof:

Take out ladder of some safe length and make sure it is not broken at bottom... Read More

If a comparison is made between the hard flooring and laminate flooring, then it is recommended that the laminate flooring is a better option as compared to hard wood flooring. It is in fact much cheaper and also mimics and hard wood floor. In addition to this taking up of the laminate floor, laying it down and maintaining it is not as tough a job as it is with hard wood floor. Laminate floors are also a good option because these floors not only give an elegant look to your interior but are also make a better option especially when it comes to durability and avoiding fuss or muss.

Although... Read More

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