Friday, September 21, 2018

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...And then it hit me; I've been spending my time shopping for a life I don't even have. My closet is full of close that I'll never be able to fit into; "But, when I loose those extra 10 Lb they'll look amazing on me!. I have dresses for parties I'm not gonna attend. Shoes for outfits I can't afford. My apartment is full of books I'll never read; "But, if I did, I'd certainly be the smartest and most literate person at the party!"- That I'm never gonna be invited to. Mainly, because I'm too busy working a job I don't even like, so I can afford the clothes I can't fit into, for the parties... Read More

You will often see illustrations of jolly Cetaceans jumping heroically out of the ocean waters with lasers and rainbows shooting out everywhere. Perhaps a gnome or a magical elf with a mustache is riding on its back. There are even nautical folk tales of dolphins protecting sailors and bringing them to the shores when stranded. It is because of these common memes that people are unaware of the dark side of dolphin sociology. We ignore that these creatures practice murder and rape openly without social consequence. This is problematic to me because dolphins are considered to be the most emotionally... Read More

Guy Jacobson, a New York investment banker, while traveling through Cambodia in 2002, was approached for sex by about fifteen 5 to 7 year old girls and witnessed first hand the realities of the sex slave industry. 5 to 7 year old girls. Fifteen of them. At a time when they should have been in school, kindergarten or first grade, learning the basics of language and math and fundamental social skills, these girls where soliciting Mr. Jacobson for sex.

One of the girls told him, in broken English, "I, yum yum, very good." The term "yum yum" means oral sex. After answering her with a no,... Read More

"Tis the season to be jolly" or is it? The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time of year, filled with hope for the future and optimism for humanity. With movies like "Miracle on 34th St," "White Christmas," and "A Christmas Story" beaming holiday cheer into our houses and memories of childhood dreams during this time of year, many people aren't happy and feel more like Charlie Brown's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (without the optimism) or George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life" (without the happy ending). Holiday Depression, better known as "the holiday blues," is real and it affects... Read More

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On the 26th of October, a Thursday night, I stood before the television - which was on mostly for company "trying out my first ever Halloween costume. Due to this fact I was, at that moment, very conscious of what stage of the year we were in. Halloween. Late. The year firmly on the w a n e. I was a little lost in contemplation of this fact. The usual combo of retrospection and introspection ensued. It was nothing too serious though, just a general acknowledgement of passing time that seems to pick up pace, commensurate with age, like a freight train clamoring through your life, gathering... Read More

Growing up as a child on the east coast there was a commercial that ran. It showed a lone Native American looking out over a land spoiled with pollution. It showed images of overflowing landfills, toxic wastes spilling into rivers, fish dying. As the commercial ended, the camera panned to show his face. A lone tear slowly made its way down his face. As a young child, fresh with the knowledge that I was part Native American, I was perplexed as to the pain on his face. I asked myself, why was he crying? This morning was a great morning. The first day of my Thanksgiving Holiday vacation.... Read More

Life is hard. Bad things happen. People get hurt. Everyone has pain. The difference between one person's mental health and another is the way one deals with this pain. Some people pretend they don't have pain and some hold on to it like a badge of honor. And then there are other people who are aware of their pains, are open about them and strive to release them. The ability to release pain is impossible when someone can't see past themselves, where the ego rules all. Under this ruler the ability to release is not found. Release comes from accepting there is a big picture, this is faith. People... Read More

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