Sunday, December 16, 2018

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Life brings about many situations one can learn from. What you learn and whether you apply it in the future is soley ones choice. Sometimes it helps to have some guidance...reminders of those lessons to refer back to and get you through life.

Quotes have always served a purpose in my life. Some provide inspiration, others hope. While others bring a laugh and a sense of humor to lifes imperfections. So enjoy as I share some of my favorites.

Everyone of us has dated or been involved with someone whom we thought was just the cream of the crop. Perhaps even out of our league... Read More

To do lists are everywhere. Everyone seems to have one. There are new to do list applications launched daily on iTunes and for other digital devices. Some people carry a to do list creator with them wherever they go. These range from back of the napkin to fancy gadgets designed to get you organized with a to do list. The major problem with a to do list is that it is self perpetuating. A to do list never ends. The ultimate outcome of keeping to do lists is they exhaust us and drain the passion and purpose from our lives. So you ask, what the heck am I supposed "to do" if I don't have the security... Read More

As a clown Dr. Patch Adams has been at 10,000 death-beds and has witnessed the power of love and compassion. In a quote he says, "if you have 7 days to live, I am your man." What a beautiful attitude and it couldn't be more true. We should all be so fortunate to have a Patch by our side. Well we are.

The written word cannot do Patch the justice that he deserves. Cher Duncombe had the privilege of interviewing Patch so that we can connect more with him and what compassion and love are truly about.

Don't take my word for it. Listen to the audio of this amazing interview and... Read More

As a species humans have done more damage to each other and the world than was likely done by any other inhabitants that have roamed this planet. Despite our so called spirituality and G_d fearing nature, more people have been killed in the name of god than any other reason since the beginning of man's entrance onto earth. The earth itself has suffered more damage at the hand of man as is evidenced by the disappearance of so many species of animal. Yet we call them "wild life." Who really is the "wild life" on this planet? Who has a higher level of consciousness?

I don't have the... Read More

Ever have one of those moments when you realize you've changed? You're no longer the person you thought you were. You're wondering, how the hell did this happen? Welcome to present day.

I used to think that life's experiences made us stronger, wiser. I have found that the strength that brought me to this point in my life, past all the struggles, challenges and heartache is gone now. The person I was that got me through all that has been changed by all that struggle and hardship to the person I am today. I'm not sure I like this new me.

I am no longer that trusting person, who... Read More

I sit knowing what I need to be doing,

should be doing,

have to do.

I sit knowing what will happen if I don't.

The first step,

then the next.

I sit knowing I don't want those things to happen.

Can't afford it.

Not emotionally,

not financially.

Yet I sit here continuing to do nothing.

Nothing but think about why.

Think about where?

Where did inspiration go?

Where did determination and drive fleed to?

It no longer resides with me.

It has moved on, its time spent with me.

So I... Read More

"Go to church on Sunday? Huh? Why?" was my reaction to the suggestion I attend this church this Easter Sunday. As I reflect back on my time at the church, I recall guilt, pain, judgements, failure and disappointment. Why on earth would I return there? Evidently I'm so rotten the roof would cave in.

I remember the ritual vividly. Getting dressed up out of respect. Being nudged to stand up straight, watch my manners, be socially polite and attentive (not my personality as a child). Being directed to fess up my sins and ask forgiveness. I remember thinking, "geez, didn't I already get in... Read More

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