Friday, December 14, 2018

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Editor's note: We at BrooWaha offer our deepest condolences to the victims of the senseless tragedy in Aurora, Colorado

Jessica Ghawi, also known as Jessica Redfield, blogged about her feelings associated with "escaping" last months' fatal shooting at a Toronto mall. She wrote on her blog, "I can’t get this odd feeling out of my chest. This empty, almost sickening feeling won’t go away. I noticed this feeling when I was in the Eaton Center in Toronto just seconds before someone opened fire in the food court. An odd feeling which led me to go outside and unknowingly out of harm‘s... Read More

Quite a good majority of urban educated women says marriage is a a hinderance to their freedom and progression. Women are born free, but still their freedom is shackled under the guise of marriage, through out their life. Eventhough the shackles of marriage were broken by the hard-core feminists long ago, it is only today majority women around the world are realizing the importance of physical freedom to them unrestrained by the institution of marriage. Today they either prefers to be single or to have only live in relationships with a view not to loose their natural freedom. Increasing education... Read More

A new parking lot has introduced more "challenging" parking spaces for 'male drivers only' and a number of "easier" to park in spots for women drivers, according to Spiegel Online, in an interview with Mayor Gallus Strobel of the little German town Triberg who introduced the concept.

When asked how he got the idea the mayor responded, "This is born out of necessity. In planning our new parking garage, we found that we have two places that are not rectangular, but at an angle to the road back to them, directly to the wall and a column - so that makes parking a bit difficult.... Read More

She is $550,000 richer, however Karen Klein the bullied school bus monitor told Anderson Cooper at CNN "that she has no clue what caused the kids to do this. Perhaps, "'Trying to impress each other.'" She says deep down they aren't bad kids but things happen especially when they get together.

Klein has not received any apologies though Anderson Cooper received two kid's apologies to Klein. Klein, did not take them seriously and said of one: "Of course he's going to say anything," "Josh, after he said something always wants to cause trouble so I don't think I would believe anything... Read More

When a Joint Secretary took charge as Secretary (Head of the Department) on promotion, to a new Department in the government, one of his new subordinate officer, herein after I refer him as Mr.Fox, has come to him too politely and tried to convince him with his obedient behaviour that s/he is the hard-working, sincere and reliable subordinate among all the staff. Then the Secretary thought of having an employee like Mr.Fox was blessing for him. For few days, at any time when there was emergency or extra pending work to be done, Mr.Fox used to say, “I will do it sir; you do not worry sir, I... Read More

Long back Robert E. Lane and David O. Sears Professors of Political Psychology said that “a man who believes and behaves rationally is open to new information, no matter whether it confronts or pains him. This means that he must actively seek information which is pertinent to the issues of the day, and it means that he must not seek only that which is compatible with his own prejudices. The Rationale person then attempts to formulate an opinion on the basis of the best information available subjective primarily on the basis of reliabililty and relevance. A rational man can perceive without... Read More

If monkey thinks like monkey it is normal. But if man thinks like monkey it is abnormal. But, thinking like monkey is not an uncommon feature among the humans and we often confirm the Darwin theory true by way of our attitudes, behaviour and lifestyles. Fickleness of thoughts and instability of mind is the main feature of Monkey thinking. A person who thinks like monkey does not know for him/herself how s/he behaves at any point of time. No body knows how and when s/he scares others by his/her behaviour. Smirks as well as smiles of Monkey thinkers’ are unreliable as it is the special quality... Read More

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