Monday, June 25, 2018

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After a trip to the grocery store with her father, my half African American and half Latin godchild came running into the living room in tears. She immediately crawled into my arms, and buried her head in my shoulder. I patted her back, "What's wrong sugar?" She sat up, rubbed her eyes and said, “A mean man pushed my daddy at the store, then he called him a Nickel." I looked over at her father with a puzzled look on my face. Her father reached out to console her by rubbing her back, "Daddy is alright baby, its ok. He called me a bad word but he didn't hurt me...I'm ok." She sat up with a frown... Read More

I am convinced that one of the best pleasures of coastal outings is the freedom from restraint. In this way, no one expects you to wear a tie or neatly pressed trousers when you are tramping the coastlines. In spite of that, the animals which live on the beach are purposely equipped for living on the seaside. In fact, this makes sense for us, too to bear some of the problems in mind, and to consider our own equipment very carefully. If your intention is simply to enjoy an easy day, then you’ll only want to carry an anorak of some kind in case the weather turns against you, but if you are likely... Read More

World Animals Day ("WAD") is intended as a day of celebration for anyone in the world who cares about animals. It is not restricted to any one nationality, creed, religion, political belief or ideology.

Launched in the UK on 4 October 2003, organisations, groups, animal shelters, places of worship, schools, clubs and individuals participated in what was to become an annual event and, quite simply, helped make history!

Since the official World Animal Day website was launched in 2003, the number of World Animal Day events taking place throughout the world has increased year upon... Read More

My friend’s dog has cancer and it’s inoperable. A 4-year old beautiful animal now suddenly has a remaining life consisting of months rather than years. The dog has no idea and she’s happy as always--playing and jumping around like nothing is amiss. It’s so sad, because dogs are getting cancer more and more each year. Our toxic environment is attacking the systems of these pets that don’t have anything close to the immune systems we have. If more and more dogs are dying from cancer at young ages, what does the future hold for us? Get ready, human race. Like the amusing t-shirt that spoofs the... Read More

Continuously brainwashed by images of ‘success’; constantly bombarded with pictures of the rich and famous, who seem to have it all…

In our modern society, aggressive advertising implants images of successful people into our minds and encourages us to ponder how we can join this select group. Surveys have shown that most people view success as one of the major contributors to their happiness.

But can success really provide you with everything you desire? Are these ‘truly successful’ people happier than the rest of us? Research has shown time and again that those who are considered... Read More

My father is a great salesman. A man with incredible talent. He's been working as a salesman in the furniture industry for over 40 years. He's simply the best "pitch man" I've ever heard! His customers are always mesmerized as he walks them through his showroom, presenting the season's new collections with great ease, passion, and professionalism. He's known for tapping his big diamond pinkie ring on the doors of the dining room china cabinets to bring attention to the detail in the glass. His shoes are always spit polished, and not the tiniest wrinkle can be found in his suit and tie.

... Read More

July 21 has long been the unofficial "National" Junk Food Day. With or without knowledge, numerous people celebrate this calorie-soaked holiday. Source of article - National Junk Food Day keeps calorie counts climbing by Personal Money Store.

Straight-up National Junk Food Day celebrations

Celebrating National Junk Food Day is relatively simple, compared to some holidays. In numerous countries, junk food – food with very little nutritional value – is easy to get. Many people are using National Junk Food Day as an excuse to pig out on chips, soda, and candy bars.

Anti-celebration... Read More

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