Monday, December 18, 2017

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A deadly combination! I am sure we have all heard some type of saying about money from "money can't buy happiness," to "money isn't everything," to "money is happiness."

I would just like to know how everybody feels about this topic. I'd like to hear your gut honest opinion and mean it!

Money isn't everything, but in society, money is made to be all that matters. Personally, I think everyone would be a lot happier if they never had to see money again...but that's impossible. Can money really buy happiness? I would be much happier if I had enough money not to have to worry about... Read More

We all know that police dogs can be cute, but very vicious when prompted to attack a suspect, but that doesn't warranted being cooped up in 109 degree heat in a cruiser. As an officer there are certain duties that come attached with that, such as protecting the lives of citizen and keeping our neighborhood safe. There is an oath that police take when getting out of the academy that states this. Does that oath mention anything about neglecting your partner, whether it be human or dog? There was an article in the paper that a police canine dog was found dead in his patrol car, while he we off... Read More

Dear Andrew, I am sorry that it took a so-called "international crisis" of which you were the centerpiece to finally inspire me to get this onto paper.

I meant to thank you so much sooner. And unfortunately, I am reduced to writing you this way. The maelstrom that has surrounded you of late has prevented me from using any conventional means of contact, as you have most certainly disabled the same for the safety of you and your family. I would have done the same. I am quite certain that comparatively few people in this world know you as I do, even though you were only briefly a... Read More

By V

I gaze beyond the blazing bonfire at the blackest night-skies all around me. The air is heavy, hot and wet. I'm holding my breath, terrified. A woman lurches forward toward me, hands outstretched, teeth gnashing, eyes bulging, her skin a rich chocolate, glistening under beads of sweat. In a white, grubby, linen dress, her thick, woolly hair is secured by a scarf of the same fabric. Her body lurches with spasms and she begins to chant. I can't understand anything she's saying, it doesn't seem to make sense. Just as I am about to burst from a lack of oxygen, I wake ... Sitting bolt upright... Read More

How does identity theft occur? It occurs when an identity thief obtains your social security number, bank account numbers, birth date and other pertinent information. After they steal your information, they can easily order your birth certificate online. All numbers lead to you. The following 12 tips are taken from my latest book, Shop for a Day with Jaci Rae -- How to Get Almost Anything for Free, and can help save your identity and your sanity. 1. Order your credit report from each of the three credit reporting companies. You are allowed one free credit report from each of these agencies... Read More

Some schools prohibit kids from wearing gang colors. Others ban short skirts. Bandanas, beanies, sunglasses, baseball hats, wristbands and even certain jewelry have been prohibited from certain schools throughout the country. But 14-year-old Toni Kay Scott's parents say they were completely taken by surprise when told that their daughter's school outlawed Tigger on a pair of socks. For attending class at a Napa middle school wearing socks displaying the Winnie the Pooh character -- in violation of the school's solid-colors-only, no-pictures, no-logos dress code -- the seventh-grader was... Read More

...And then it hit me; I've been spending my time shopping for a life I don't even have. My closet is full of close that I'll never be able to fit into; "But, when I loose those extra 10 Lb they'll look amazing on me!. I have dresses for parties I'm not gonna attend. Shoes for outfits I can't afford. My apartment is full of books I'll never read; "But, if I did, I'd certainly be the smartest and most literate person at the party!"- That I'm never gonna be invited to. Mainly, because I'm too busy working a job I don't even like, so I can afford the clothes I can't fit into, for the parties... Read More

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