Friday, April 20, 2018

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New Year's Resolutions

Some people make new year's resolutions. I don't think I have met someone who has admitted to doing this. Me? I make a resolution of faith, but the traditional resolution to give up or limit chocolate, lose five pounds or read 25 books before the year or actually try to keep up with housework while both boys are in the home (9 & 12)...well, let's just say, it isn't going to happen, it wouldn't be prudent and I'm not gonna do it. I'm an adult now and I don't have to if I don't wanto to. So, Nah! Besides, I have other things I can count on to occupy my time,... Read More

The death of a foster child like everything in life is a combination of a thousand little things, any one of which had it changed, would have resulted in a much different outcome. The issue though is preventable changes. Things that competence, or decency, or forethought, which would have prevented the single terrible factor that led to the death of a child.

There is usually enough blame to go around when such tragedies occur. A birth parent, a related adult, or even a foster parent may murder a child, or cause that child to take their own life. Yet if signs were ignored by police... Read More

So, I'm checking out BlogCatalog and visiting different blogs I find interesting. Then, lo and behold, it's me! That's right. The blog "Be Your Own Detective" is actually featuring me on its latest post! Must have been a slow day in the detective business. Actually, the point of the story was pretty neat. How often do you take the time to see how much information is available about you on the world wide web? You may think you know. Then again, you may be surprised! Check it out for yourself! Visit Investigating Other Bloggers - Check out some of the other posts and... Read More

NBC's, Today Show Co-host, Matt Lauer sat down with President Barak Obama to talk about what may be the hottest topic being discussed across the country; education.

While per pupil funding has continued to go up in recent decades, student scores have continued to go down. Many point the finger at teachers who aren't doing what is necessary to help provide a quality education for every student.

Just two months ago, Washington, D.C., Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee fired 241 teachers under a new evaluation system that holds teachers accountable for student test scores. She also... Read More

Now, for my opinion on the article "Rising Poverty Level and Obama's Middle Class Fantasy". I gave this article an over all rating of 4 stars. It is a very good article and we need more of these on BrooWaha. We can never have enough. It was so good infact that it inspired me to write a comment. That comment grew until I realized it was a complete article in rebuttal to Dan Ehrlich's stance on the issue. No matter how well written, I respectfully disagree.

3rd generation Americans (that includes me) are lazy and spoiled. We never had to earn anything. My great grandfather came... Read More

To be honest, I wouldn’t know “fall fashion” from its other seasonal counterparts, except that when it gets colder, I tend to put more clothes on. That being said, it seems that no matter how much advice is offered on what not to wear these days (i.e. a Google search of “what not to wear” yielded approx. 726,000 results), there seem to be more and more examples of people who either got dressed in the dark or let their pets/pre-adolescent children choose their clothes. I recently had an occasion to be at a grocery store near the middle of the day and it looked like everyone there had... Read More

Imagine not being able to read this sentence, or even know what to read to click on to open an email?

Perhaps you blog, imagine for a moment that you couldn't read or write your blog or a letter from or too a dear friend. What would that feel like?

Today, September 8th is International Literacy Day. Can you imagine a more important day for social media users, bloggers, twitter users, to unite together and raise awareness and money to support literacy?

The United Nations has declared Literacy Day, literacy or more accurately illiteracy affects almost 1 billion adults and... Read More

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