Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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First, understand that The Steelesque Movement held court for awhile on this topic. The Steelesque Movement is a group of writers, musicians, filmmakers and artists. In this particular boardroom session were myself, writer Alan Welding and musician/songwriter Eric Bee. We started out setting some guidelines. First, your list can only have two family members. Face it, we could list a ton of family members that have demonstrated everyday heroics in our lives. Secondly, God can't be your hero. He is a "God" so I think he's taken the hero status to a new level. (Jesus too....although he seemed... Read More

Yesterday I was replacing a propane tank hanging off the stern of our sailboat. It’s hung in an awkward location, the full tank was heavy, and I was feeling the dizzying effects of a cold. I was worried that I was going to drop the thing when I heard something go clunk, bang, plop into the salt chuck. I carried on trying to mount the tank, my mind whirring with the possibilities of what had fallen overboard. Tools? That’s happened more than once, but this time I wasn’t using any. It sounded fairly heavy.

I had been leaning over at a fairly acute angle…did something fall out of a pocket?... Read More

She doesn't know what she is doingOnly acting on what was taught herBehaving irrationally and usingdestroying those who loved herShe goes on with her lifeonly causing painthere is always strifecollateral damage, no gain. Hurting people, hurt people. It is no surprise, when you chase that hell bent soul over the edge, that you are drawn down after them. Stand strong on your own ground and know when to let go. Some people cannot be helped by you rescuing them. They must live out their destiny, which they themselves have chosen, and you must let go. Beware then of collateral damage, for their... Read More

The holidays paint a picture of joy and happiness for many. Love, laughter, family and friends. For others, it’s a time of sadness and depression. It’s not the picture many of us want to envision, but the reality is that an equally dark picture does exist. As a child, I experienced both.

My Grandmother, our matriarch, died when I was nine and it sent my family spiraling down a world of depression and hoarding. The darkness crept in before her funeral. Disagreements over logistics divided our family for decades – the last thing my grandmother would have wanted. Her life was dedicated... Read More

Eating eight gluten-free chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Flicking a cigarette butt out your car window. Giving a breath mint to your boyfriend. Peeling a banana. Crying after watching Titanic for the 38th time. Jogging around the block in your favorite spandex outfit for 25 minutes. Do any of these things share a commonality? They do in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, also known as ABA.

ABA is the science of applying the principles of learning and behavior in order to achieve socially significant change. If you have not figured it out yet, the aforementioned are... Read More

Not many topics of discussion can cause discomfort as quickly as talking about your own death. It certainly is not good conversation at a party or other social setting. However, all adults need to act like adults and take care of these things. It’s important to make a plan for what will happen to your assets and your little children if you have them when you die.

For most people, the process is easier than you might think. A little effort now into making a plan for your estate can prevent many of the issues that can create unnecessary burdens and stress on your family who would already... Read More

More than the Koran's sanction of wife-beating, the legal grounds on which the Koran sanctions it reveals an impassable gulf between Islamic and Western law. The sovereign grants inalienable rights to every individual in Western society, of which protection from violence is foremost. Every individual stands in direct relation to the state, which wields a monopoly of violence. Islam's legal system is radically different: the father is a "governor" or "administrator" of the family, that is, a little sovereign within his domestic realm, with the right to employ violence to control his wife and... Read More

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