Sunday, December 17, 2017

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As a species humans have done more damage to each other and the world than was likely done by any other inhabitants that have roamed this planet. Despite our so called spirituality and G_d fearing nature, more people have been killed in the name of god than any other reason since the beginning of man's entrance onto earth. The earth itself has suffered more damage at the hand of man as is evidenced by the disappearance of so many species of animal. Yet we call them "wild life." Who really is the "wild life" on this planet? Who has a higher level of consciousness?

I don't have the... Read More

Ever have one of those moments when you realize you've changed? You're no longer the person you thought you were. You're wondering, how the hell did this happen? Welcome to present day.

I used to think that life's experiences made us stronger, wiser. I have found that the strength that brought me to this point in my life, past all the struggles, challenges and heartache is gone now. The person I was that got me through all that has been changed by all that struggle and hardship to the person I am today. I'm not sure I like this new me.

I am no longer that trusting person, who... Read More

I sit knowing what I need to be doing,

should be doing,

have to do.

I sit knowing what will happen if I don't.

The first step,

then the next.

I sit knowing I don't want those things to happen.

Can't afford it.

Not emotionally,

not financially.

Yet I sit here continuing to do nothing.

Nothing but think about why.

Think about where?

Where did inspiration go?

Where did determination and drive fleed to?

It no longer resides with me.

It has moved on, its time spent with me.

So I... Read More

"Go to church on Sunday? Huh? Why?" was my reaction to the suggestion I attend this church this Easter Sunday. As I reflect back on my time at the church, I recall guilt, pain, judgements, failure and disappointment. Why on earth would I return there? Evidently I'm so rotten the roof would cave in.

I remember the ritual vividly. Getting dressed up out of respect. Being nudged to stand up straight, watch my manners, be socially polite and attentive (not my personality as a child). Being directed to fess up my sins and ask forgiveness. I remember thinking, "geez, didn't I already get in... Read More

In a world where the odds of divorce outway the odds of staying married, one has to acknowledge the determination, dedication, and committment of a couple that lasts through the test of time. Or do we?

During those 20yrs, 30yrs, 40yrs there was bound to be times when things were rough. It couldn't all be smooth sailing, right? Makes you wonder what hardships, turmoil, challenges they had to overcome. How many occurances during the course of their marriage arose where divorce was contemplated? Is it realistic to think no one ever strayed? Got bored? Reached their tolerance level with... Read More

A variety of events over the course of a lifetime can teach a person how to deal with life's ups and downs. Emotional highs and lows. Set backs and accolades. This experience brings to us the ability to handle our emotions or at least understand them. Those better at controlling their emotions usually have had many experiences. Just like wisdom usually comes from actually experiencing a life of hardships, struggles, triumpths and growth. Emotional intellegence (not the book) usually comes from an ability to reflect back on yourself after the emotions have taken their course and gain knowledge... Read More

We have all felt it before. All sworn we wouldn't do it again. Committed to self-discipline in the future only to be met with that caving feeling, followed by the voice of reason's laughter as regret sets in. That moment when you want something more than what you've trying to accomplish; to be "bad. Even if its just for a moment.

Who has ignored the little voice yelling "fatty! dont' eat anymore!" "Don't call him again!" "You can't afford that!" "You know he/she is going to get mad!" "Don't say it!" You hear it, loud and clear. That voice of reason. The good angel on one shoulder... Read More

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